Video Game Tester Career Information


Video Game Tester Career Information – Testing PS3, Nintendo Wii & Xbox 360 Games

By Matthew Corgan

This article is for anyone interested in pursuing a career in Video Game Testing. You can test games months before they are released for

the biggest companies like Nintendo, Xbox, Sony, and more. Testers are necessary for the game development because of the elaborate programming and design in video games today. It is a job

that is portrayed as a dream job playing video games all the time.

The game testers learn what to do behind checking the programming while playing the newest video games. It is finding glitches that effect the overall game play. Companies are trying to avoid at all costs having glitches because that effects the games overall delivery. That is where the game testers come into play.

A technical/computer experience background is always helpful in when looking for a Game Testing Career. Besides that the main experience is from playing video games. Experience in a variety of video games is always helpful to be as efficient as possible when playing.

Since it is a work at your own pace job you decide the hours. Depending on how much time you put into working is how much you will get paid. Many people are having success in these professions and enjoy it in the low stress environment from home.

It is an ideal job for college students and

those looking for part time work as well. It is an easy way to bring in an extra income with a low amount of work. If you choose to follow the careers of game testing just remember the

job success is all determined by the work you put in as a game tester and Good Luck!

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