Why Eat Hydroponics?


Why should you eat produce grown in a hydroponics system? What a very good question, with a very long and detailed answer that can follow.

We will go through the main reasons we think it is wise to form your diet at partially from foods grown in a hydroponics system, but just know that the quick answer to this question is that you should eat hydroponically grown produce because it is better for you than other produce.  A lot better for you.

Not all tomatoes are created equally.  If you want the best of the best when looking for fresh produce, then only the items grow in hydroponics systems should be considered, and really- why would you want anything less than the best for yourself.

OK, so now that the short answer is out there for those who are not patient and wanted a quick way out of this very educational article, we can get down to the nitty gritty of why hydroponically grown vegetables are the best option for you and your health.  Please know that this list is in now way comprehensive.  There are many other things we could have put here, but these are the most compelling.

  1. There are no pesticides used in hydroponic gardening.  One of the biggest risks of eating regular produce comes from the pesticides that are so commonly used in most gardens and farms.  They have to stay ahead of those little buggers somehow, and pesticides that will harm those bugs AND us are the way they go.  When you eat food that has been harvested from an indoor hydroponic system, you are eating food that never had a need for pesticides as there were no pests.
  2. There are no soil pollutants found in hydroponic gardening.  If you knew all the things that are lying in wait to harm you in the soil all around you, it would shock you.  Our soil has become contaminated by many different abrasive and dangerous chemicals through industrial mistakes, vehicular use, oil spills, and just simple living.  There is very little soil left that doesn’t hold dangerous chemicals.  Many make the argument that we don’t eat the soil, so we should be fine to eat things grown in the soil.  Not so, my dear ignorant friends.  Anything grown in the soil can’t help but leach the nutrients from the soil into itself.  That is why soil is usually an essential part of gardening.  However, when the nutrients in the soil are transferred, so is the yucky stuff.  There is no way around it.  Hydroponic gardening is pretty much the only way to avoid ingesting these soil contaminants.
  3. The growing season never ends.  Most crops are grown on a schedule and must be harvested by a certain time.  Certain kinds of produce can only be found at certain times in the year because of their growth season.  This is not something you have to even think about when eating from a hydroponic gardening system.  These soil free systems are indoors, meaning the outdoor growing season has no sway on when the plants can grow, thrive and be harvested.  You can get fresh produce all year round without having to wait for it.
  4. The produce will never have to be shipped or transferred.  How do we get tomatoes and watermelon in the winter?  By shipping them in from other places.  This is not great for the environment.  It is convenient and is a huge testament to how much we have changed the world to see what we have available to us at any given time, but the truth is that this constant shipping of produce is bad for the environment, and leaves us with less than amazing produce much of the time.  Ingesting vegetables and fruits that have been grown in hydroponic systems helps to support local produce and keeps us from depending on the exports shipped from far away.  This is good on the body, good on the pocket book, and good for the Earth.  That is a triple whammy of awesome right there.
  5. It is less expensive.  If saving the world and keeping pollutants out of your body are not reason enough to be converted to the hydroponic way of life, then it is time to try appealing to your practical side and let you know how much money you can save by investing in an indoor hydroponic gardening system.  People keep saying that the reason they can’t live a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy diet is because fresh and healthy produce can be hard to find and expensive to afford.  Not so if you are growing that healthy food yourself!  Seeds cost less than a dollar a packet in most areas, water is pretty much free, and all the other equipment for a hydroponics grow system can be put together for less than $50 in many cases.  This is a very small monetary investment to make in having fresh produce at your fingertips all the time.
  6. It is fun.  Who doesn’t like seeing the fruits of their labors?  Growing a successful harvest in a hydroponics system is simple and can make you feel like a pure winner when you see those seeds maturing and progressing.  It is also an amazing conversation piece.  Talking about growing an indoor garden that doesn’t rely on contaminated soil is very unique in most circles and can make you look very good.

There are a lot of other great reasons for eating hydroponic vegetables instead of produce that comes from more traditional sources.  It may take a lot to get fully into this habit and lifestyle, but starting is easy and you can work your way into it a little at a time.

In the end, the benefits will greatly outweigh the cost and time you put into it.  If you are ready to invest in your health by adding in healthy nutrients  while avoiding harmful pollutants, then hydroponic produce is the best and pretty much only way to go.

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