Everything About Davey Havok’s Tattoos With Photos

Tattoos originated from way back in 3100 BC as discovered on the dead body of Otzi the Iceman. Several tattoos were later discovered on ‘mummies’ which depict that tattoo body art has been embraced and accepted across several civilizations in world history.

In this advanced age, tattoos have been adopted as an art form by people of all ages.

For instance, several tattoos have been identified with people belonging to a particular band, prison gang, street gang, religious group, and others.

It might please you to know that tattoos are also used to gain social acceptance most especially on social media–clout, as they say.

Notable countries such as Italy and the United States are known for having more tattoos than other countries.

This post is not about tattoos but Davey Havok – a personality associated with tattoos.

We need to ask the big question.

Who Is Davey Havok?

Davey Havok was born David Paden Passaro, on the 20th of November 1975.

Born in New York, albeit with Italian ancestry, David later lost his father when he was five years of age.

However, his mother remarried, and he took the name of his step-father – Marchand.

After going through a series of Catholic schools, Davey Havok went to the University of California where he studied English and Psychology before starting his musical career with AFI.

Even though he didn’t go back to the University afterward, David became known by his professional name – Davey Havok, a name associated with rock music.

He is a lead vocalist in several music bands such as Blaqk Audio, Dreamcar, AFI, and XTRMST.

Apart from his music career, Davey Havok also dabbles into other career lines such as acting, writing, and most especially fashion designing.

One of the interesting characteristics you should know about Davey’s lifestyle is that he doesn’t smoke, drink, or even do drugs. Regardless, he is a vegan, and he is not religious.

However, Davey Havok has a strong affinity for getting inked with macabre tattoos.

How Many Tattoos Does Davey Havok Have?

Davey Havok is a rock star and as a notable one, he is expected to be inked with a series of tattoos related to his kind of music art for his large fan base.

Unsurprisingly, Davey Havok adorns his body with Halloween-themed designs which the non-fan might find disturbing.

Some of Davey Havok’s tattoo arts include:

  •  A flaming heart surrounded with six nautical stars
  • Enormous angel wings
  • Halloween characters (Black cat, ghosts, pumpkins, bats, witches, etc)

Meaning Of Davey Havok’s Tattoos

Davey Havok has never revealed the true meanings of his tattoos. However, we will reveal the meaning of Davey Havok’s tattoos to you.

In essence, all tattoos have a broad-spectrum meaning attached to it.

Therefore, we will reveal each of Davey’s tattoos by comparing them with his personality and experience.

1. Flaming Heart Tattoo Surrounded With Six Nautical Stars On His Chest

The heart is a prominent symbol of love. Therefore tattoos depicting the heart are usually made to express love for a beloved entity.

A heart stands for love, commitment, and relationship, while a flaming heart depicts a burning love or strong love for someone or something.

The heart symbol is also used to depict the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ – a symbol recognized by Christians.

However, Davey Havok is not a religious man, not to mention being a Christian.

Also, Davey Havok’s heart symbol tattoo is headed by six nautical star tattoos which is a symbol associated with sailors.

Meaning of Davey Havok’s Chest tattoo

Davey Havok is neither a Christian nor a sailor; however, we can’t assume the flaming heart and the six nautical stars are not relevant to Davey.

Also, Davey Havok is a passionate singer, even leaving college to pursue his musical career with the group, AFI.

So, we can assume that Davey Havok has a burning heart for music while his passion for music drives him as revealed by the six nautical stars.

2. Enormous Wing Tattoo On His Back

One of the eye-catching tattoos associated with Davey Havok is his wing tattoos, which take up a major portion of his entire back.

Wing tattoos denote freedom, independence, resilience, and defiant expression.

Also, they depict the ability to overcome fear, misfortune, or any loss which might take place in life.

Birds are notable for their readiness to escape at the slightest chance of danger or bad event.

Also, wing tattoos can hold a myriad of meanings such as angels or demons, resurrection, fallen state (of Lucifer), and more.

Meaning of Davey Havok’s wing tattoo

Davey Havok’s wing tattoos can be attributed to some of his experiences in life, most especially before he started his music career.

For instance, Davey lost his dad to the cold hands of death when he was only five years old.

Also, he left the University during his sophomore year for his music career and surged forward.

Nevertheless, Davey Havok is renowned for being a public atheist, i.e. he doesn’t believe in the existence of God or gods, most especially the Christian religion.

He wants to be free as a bird.

Another meaning that can be associated with Davey Havok’s wings tattoo is that he wants all animals to be free, most especially the winged creatures.

Besides, Davey is a vegan – he believes in a cruelty-free world for all animals.

Therefore, he would prefer to go naked rather than wear leather items of clothing that are manufactured from animal skins.

Davey Havok has gone through several setbacks in life. Hence, the wings tattoos can also reveal his fearless attitude when faced with obstacles.

3. Davey Havok’s Halloween Sleeve Tattoo

Davey Havok is inked with a series of Halloween characters that cover both his left and right arm sleeves.

These tremendous tattoos are mysterious to behold and can confuse as well. For instance, a haunted city, with ghosts, witches, and black cats might raise gothic fears when beholden on Davey Havok’s arm.

Enlisted below are the Halloween tattoos which can be found on Davey Havok’s left and right arms:

  • The Jack-o’-lantern

Jack-o’-lantern is a carved pumpkin with a candle inserted in it. It is associated with Halloween night.

According to urban legend, the Jack-o’-lantern lights up the path for Stingy Jack.

  • Black Cat

Another Halloween character that can be found on Davey Havok’s left arm is the black cat. The black cat tattoo depicts wisdom, mystery, and power when worn as a tattoo.

Davey Havok is a prominent figure in the music industry with several years of experience writing, composing, and singing rock music.

  • Ghosts

Davey Havok’s Halloween sleeve tattoo would be incomplete without a ghost tattoo. Davey probably used this tattoo to illustrate his father whom he lost at a tender age.

  • Praying hands of Jesus

Another obvious tattoo on Davey’s left arm is the praying hands of Jesus. This tattoo depicts Jesus Christ and prayers to God. However, Davey Havok is not a Christian, even though he wears Christian tattoos.

  • Bats

A Bat tattoo adorned by Davey Havok explained his empathy for black and dark-themed music. Bats symbolize a sensitivity to darkness. Not to mention, Davey Havok’s released song titled “Trash Bat” is riddled with dark lyrics such as ‘bloody eyes’ and ‘broken teeth’.

  • Dark-haunted looking city

An interesting tattoo design that can be found on Davey Havok’s sleeve is the dark-haunted city which depicts fear.

  • Brick wall

Davey Havok also adorns his sleeve with a brick wall tattoo design. It is probably donned to portray boundaries to a certain lifestyle or people. Davey’s stance as a vegan and an atheist gave him up as a man who respects his imposed boundaries.

  • Witch

Davey Havok inked his sleeved with an ugly-looking hunched woman identified with a pointy hat. The witch tattoo symbol portrays wisdom or possession of knowledge which can be associated with lyrics written by Davey Havok.

Meaning of Davey Havok’s Halloween-themed sleeve tattoo

All the Halloween-themed tattoos which cover Davey Havok’s arms represent his personality.

Over the years, Davey Havok has been misinterpreted by the media as a drunk, Christian, Satanist, among others.

This might have inspired his affinity for Halloween themed tattoos.

Just like the Halloween characters, Davey Havok has a macabre personality; however, he has an approachable personality that juxtaposes his sleeve tattoos’ meaning.

For instance, Davey Havok does not drink alcohol, do drugs, smoke, and he is not gay.

However, Davey Havok, a lead vocalist for AFI sings dark music clouded with death, sadness, betrayal, and depression.

Davey Havok’s Halloween-themed sleeve tattoos do not depict his true personality and nature.

Because of this, Davey recently blackened his sleeve tattoos.

Why Did Davey Havok Blackout His Sleeve Tattoo?

Davey Havok blackened his sleeve tattoos for obvious reasons.

Davey probably didn’t want to be associated with the false rumors spread about him by the media.

For instance, the media had misconceptions that he was a Satanist because of his Halloween tattoos–which is not true.

Also, there were other reasons which could have influenced this decision such as people’s fear of his personality, or wanting something new.

Meanwhile, Davey Havok revealed in an exclusive interview with the Washington Times that he blacked out his sleeve tattoos to cover up his past mistakes.

Besides, the sleeve tattoos had brought nothing but media misconceptions.

What Is a Tattoo?

Tattoo originated from the Tahitian word ‘Tatau’. This means “to mark”. Other words like getting inked, marked, or imprinted have been associated with tattooing in recent times.

Besides, tattoo body art designs are imprinted or inked on the skin, allowing the wearer to flaunt his/her body art.

There are temporary and permanent tattoos. For temporary tattoos, Henna stains are used to imprint tattoo designs on the skin, which can be later on removed.

However, permanent tattoos that are indelible can be removed via the use of a laser or other extreme means such as plastic surgery, salabrasion, dermabrasion, or even chemical peels.

Common Reasons Why People Get Tattoos

As stated earlier, people get tattoos for personal, religious, or tribal reasons.

Other reasons for getting inked, i.e. tattooed, includes rebellion, spiritual tradition, sexual motivation, reminders, etc.

While some tattoo wearers get inked with text, i.e. names, quotes, religious passages, others prefer to get inked with images.

Personal interests cannot be underestimated when opting for a particular tattoo design. You can opt for either text or image tattoos.

Also, combined designs are accepted.

Once you identify a particular tattoo you want to ink on your skin, any reliable tattoo parlors can get it done for you at a premium price.

Bottom Line

Davey Havok is both an interesting and intriguing personality in the music industry.

His efforts as a vocalist in several music bands such as AFI, Blaqk Audio, Dreamcar, and XTRMST cannot be under-estimated.

Over the years, Davey Havok has portrayed his series of talents in other career paths such as acting, modeling, fashion design, and songwriting.

His symbolic tattoos reveal some of his unexpressed feelings which the Davey Havok non-fan might easily misinterpret.

However, Davey Havok’s tattoos should not be misinterpreted for a dark nature.

Davey is approachable and has a strong passion for music.