Everything About David Bromstad Tattoos With Photos

Tattoos are ubiquitous among celebrities, from musicians to models, actors, athletes, and the list goes on.

Aside from celebrities, ordinary people do have tattoos as it has become a fancy body art.

In this post, we will be putting David Bromstad, an American television personality, and designer into the spotlight.

This is because David is one of the many celebrities in the industry that is adorned with many tattoos.

With David Bromstad, one tattoo is not enough, which makes him attractive to his fans and admirers.

Most of his tattoos were made with an attached meaning.

If you are curious concerning the meaning and reasons of his distinct tattoos, we’ve got you covered in this post.

But before we get to everything about David Bromstad’s tattoos and meaning, let’s answer the golden question – who is David Bromstad?

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Who Is David Bromstad?

David Bromstad was born on the 17th of August in the year 1973 at Cokato, Minnesota, United States.

His full name is David Reed Bromstad.

His father, Richard Harold David Bromstad, is a Norwegian while his mother, Diane Marlys Bromstad, is of Swedish and German descent. He grew up as a Christian because he was born into a practical Christian family.

While in Wayzata High School, David’s substantial interests in design and arts made him decide to become a Disney animator.

He did succeed and was gainfully employed as a Disney illustrator. This was after he graduated from

Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

With experience garnered over the years, he launched his own design company – The Bromstad Studio, which focuses on designing fantasy-themed bedrooms for kids.

Conversely, David Bromstad won the first season of the HGTV Design Star competition, which allows him to host his show – Color Splash With David Bromstad.

Also, David Bromstad has worked as a host for popular TV shows on HGTV, such as My Lottery Dream Home, Beach Flip, and Brother vs. Brother.

Concerning his sexuality, David Bromstad is openly gay and offers excellent support to the LGBT community.

Another attractive characteristic of David Bromstad is his wild passion for colors.

David Bromstad is a designer, artist, and TV host by profession. Not to mention, David currently has a net worth of over $2 Million.

He has several accounts on social media platforms, which enables him to connect with his fans. For instance, David Bromstad is available on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Plus, he also owns a personal website.

Everything About David Bromstad’s Tattoos

“Two Tigers” Tattoo on His Neck

If you take a look at David’s neck, you will find tattoos of two tigers chasing themselves. The tattoos are easily noticeable as they cover a large part of his neck.

Many people do have tiger tattoos, and the meaning behind it is quite simple.

It means power, force, ferocity, passion, sensuality, strength, cunning, and vengeance. Naturally, tigers are powerful animals that possess fierceness and physical strength.

“Mickey Mouse” Tattoo on His Right Bicep

Mickey Mouse is a popular Walt Disney cartoon character. Notably, David Bromstad is one of the millions of Mickey Mouse fans all around the world.

His love for the cartoon character inspired the Mickey Mouse tattoo drawn on his right bicep. Moreover, the big Mickey Mouse tattoo is surrounded by multiple smaller versions of the character.

According to David, this Mickey Mouse tattoo brings him joy and makes him happy.

This is because Mickey Mouse is a fun character who always makes people exuberant when watching it.

David wants everyone around him to be happy; thus, he had to get inked with the Mickey Mouse character.

“Minnie Mouse” Tattoo on His Right Bicep

Having a “Mickey Mouse” tattoo without a “Minnie Mouse” tattoo is incomplete body art.

With his love for Mickey Mouse, it is not surprising that David also has a Minnie Mouse tattoo right on his right bicep.

He had the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse tattoo drawn on the same day. Afterward, he shared a picture of this tattoo on social media, which was admired by his thousands of fans.

This tattoo represents cuteness as the character itself displays a cute loving smile that can quickly melt away hearts.

Around the tattoo are other characters like a star, a flying bird, a smiling emoji, and smaller Minnie Mouse characters. All of which makes the whole art more pretty.

David Bromstad’s alluring personality as a TV host on multiple shows must have inspired this Minnie Mouse tattoo.

“Chandelier” Tattoo on His Right Forearm

David Bromstad’s right forearm features an enormous chandelier tattoo.

As a large body art, this tattoo goes from his elbow and reaches the top of his right wrist.

The chandelier tattoo is below the “Mickey Mouse” and “Minnie Mouse” character tattoos. It is inked perfectly to fit in with the Disney characters on his right bicep (upper right arm).

Chandelier tattoos are more rampant with females, but for David, it’s all about his love for Disney.

Besides, chandeliers are typical ornaments featured in Disney cartoons.

“Artist” Tattoo on His Right Hand

Still on the right arm, which has the “Chandelier” tattoo and the two Disney characters “Mickey Mouse” and “Minnie Mouse,” tattoo; David also has an “Artist” art on the knuckle region.

This Artist tattoo is etched in large size such that it almost covers the entire region. It is inked with a font style that has the T’s looking like a cross.

The meaning of this tattoo is simple; he is just stating what he is – an artist. Moreover, David Bromstad is involved with arts and designs.

“Tribal” Tattoo on His Left Arm

David Bromstad has a “Tribal” tattoo on his left arm. It is inked with three Chinese letters that interoperate “Artist and Painter.”

It covers his deltoids down to the nearer part of his elbows; plus, it appears very bold and beautifully inked.

Just like the “Artist” tattoo on his right hand, this Chinese tribal tattoo describes his career and his passion for art.

Conversely, tribal tattoos dated back to the Bronze Age – about 5000 years ago. They are very common among males.

“LIMITED EDITION” Tattoo on His Chest

Another unique tattoo that David Bromstad adorns on his chest is a tattoo with the words “LIMITED EDITION” in bold fonts and capital letters.

However, this conspicuous tattoo can only be seen when David takes off his shirt.

The bold appearance of the words draws attention to this tattoo, and from observation, the words were inked in the ‘’Elephant” font style.

David explained that the term “Limited Edition” is a way in which he classifies himself. The text implies his rare type of person, and there is a limited edition of him.

This implies his self-confidence, and it is a fascinating way to brag about his personality. David Bromstad is genuinely one of a kind.

“Birds, Flowers, and Other” Tattoo Around the Limited Edition Tattoo

David also adorns other small tattoo designs around his “Limited Edition” tattoo.

These little tattoos include two birds, two swallows, a small crown, a red heart shape in the middle, and leaves by the sides.

Conversely, these small tattoos do not need much explanation as they were etched to complement the word “Limited Edition.”

David started with the limited edition tattoo, and then he later added the other small tattoos. From the look of it, they blend in perfectly.

For the meaning of these tattoos, David called them tasteless and shameless.

“1973 Est.” Tattoo Under His Sternum

Not every celebrity wants others to know their date of birth; besides, some hide it or fabricate their age for privacy purposes. However, some celebrities prefer to have their year of birth age inked on their skin.

In the same vein, David Bromstad is one of such celebrities who had his date of birth inked just below his sternum.

Inked below his sternum is an inscription with “1973” and then “est.” in a smaller size just underneath.

Notably, David Bromstad was born in the year 1973, and the word that follows (est.) is an abbreviation for the word ‘established.’

Therefore, we can assume that David is making people is trying to let people know that he was ‘established’ in 1973. Not to mention, he is an excellent establishment by the way.

“Dragonfly” Tattoo on His Back

The first tattoo adorned by David Bromstad is the black “dragonfly” tattoo. It was adorned by David right after finishing college.

Generally, a dragonfly tattoo holds significant meanings such as luck, strength, purity, maturity, prosperity, harmony, and peace. However, this was not the case with David Bromstad.

At the time when he was inked with this tattoo, he had just started a company with his sister. The company was named “Dragonfly Designs.” This occurrence led to the dragonfly tattoo design.

“Love” and “Rainbow” Tattoo on His Right Leg

The Love tattoo on David’s right leg is a very colorful one. Aside from the colors, it was designed in stylish fonts that make it attractive.

Complementing the ‘O’ text in the ‘LOVE’ tattoo, David also adorns a colorful rainbow flag tattoo that features the rainbow’s seven colors.

As you can see, the tattoo is all about love. David wants people to know that love is essential through his body art.

Conversely, David Bromstad gave the meaning of this tattoo on his Instagram page when he posted the photo.

According to David, the tattoo represents his love for colors, freedom, his first TV series, and support for the LGBT community of which he is a member of.

Disney Cinderella Castle Tattoo on His Left Thigh

David Bromstad, a big fan of Disney, also etched a Cinderella castle tattoo on his thigh. It was drawn by Cortni West (Miss Wild West) – another Disney fanatic.

This large-sized tattoo is inked with different colors such that it looks realistic.

After getting inked with the Cinderella castle tattoo, David posted its picture on Instagram – a popular social media platform.

According to David Bromstad, the tattoo means that – a princess has found her castle.

“Hogwarts Castle” Tattoo on His Right Thigh

Above the “Love” and “Rainbow” tattoo on David Bromstad’s right leg is a “Hogwarts Castle” tattoo.

It is precisely on the thigh of his right leg. This is the second castle tattoo David etched on himself after the Disney Cinderella castle tattoo.

Inked in all black colors, the tattoo features a large crescent moon on its top. At the bottom is the word “Magic” in a bold and attractive font.

This tattoo represents his love for the Warner Bros. film series – Harry Potter. Besides, many Harry Potter fans are known to wear this tattoo.

Conversely, the Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter film series is the “School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” that houses students.

According to David Bromstad, Disney and Harry Potter have nothing in common; however, they make the world a more magical place.

“Lion” Tattoo on His Left Leg

David Bromstad was born on August 17th in the year 1973.

According to the horoscope, his zodiac sign is Leo; besides, August 17th falls under the Leo sign (July 23rd – August 22nd).

Conversely, the Leo zodiac sign is portrayed with a lion figure.

Hence, David Bromstad got himself etched with a Lion that has a crown tattoo on his left leg.

Notably, the word ‘Leo’ is gotten from the Latin word ‘Leonis’ which means lion. People born under the

Leo sign are natural leaders of their fields.

What Is Tattoo?

For all those who are not much into all this, a tattoo is a form of body art which involves designing the body with ink, pigment, and dyes. There are two types of tattoos, which includes temporary and permanent tattoos.

Just as the name implies, a temporary tattoo can be removed while a permanent tattoo is indelible.

To some people, tattoos are meant to draw attention, while to others, they represent something or someone significant in their life.

Notwithstanding, some people are etched with just a single tattoo, while some go as far as covering their entire body with different kinds of tattoo designs.

How To Get A Tattoo

Follow these steps to get a tattoo:

  • Decide upon the tattoo design.
  • Buy a tattoo design kit. Alternatively, you can visit a tattoo parlor.
  • Get inked by a friend or professional tattoo designer with the tattoo design.
  • Spellcheck your tattoo design.
  • Make use of a tattoo care balm to alleviate the pain
  • Show your friends and family.

Wrapping Up

Tattoos are body arts that hold significant meaning for the wearer. With David Bromstad, his tattoos are no less different.

Besides, David Bromstad is a man passionate about arts and designs. Therefore, he can get adorned with a series of tattoos related to his interest, such as Disney, or his alluring personality of love.

Notably, David Bromstad has a calm personality, which makes him approachable; besides that, he is notable for his captivating presentation skills.

If you are a fan of David Bromstad and you wonder why he inked many tattoos on himself, you should now know the meaning behind each of them.