How to Make a Prank Call

A prank call also known as a crank call is an act of calling someone with the mere intention of perpetrating a practical joke. Prank callers find it innocent, silly, and enjoyable but oftentimes receiver considers this as harassment. Before doing a prank call, consider first the risk of being prosecuted once caught.

Prank call has been practiced by many jokesters over a period of many years. In fact, the first prank call was that of a comedian, Jerry Lewis, in the late 1970s. Pranks calls can either performed live or pre-recorded. The advancement of technology has lead to various multiple internet radio stations dedicated prank calls. The first streaming prank call on the internet was posted by Michael Biggins in 1995. Michael was then a radio station host who was widely known as “Blackout”. Since then, the internet has been the hangout of many prank callers, sharing their own personal prank calls and develops into communities. Generally, people who perform prank calls record them and circulate the recordings among friends and readers of a website.

How to Make a Prank Call

If you are planning to do a prank call, first you have to block your phone number before making a call. Nowadays, many phones come with a caller ID. This caller ID allows the receiver to see the incoming call’s phone number. Doing a prank call without getting caught requires dialing a phone code so that your phone number won’t show up on the other line. For instance, dial *67 before the call or 141 in England will show you as either “Number unknown” or “Private Number”. This code varies based on location and the service provider. Here are some codes to block your number in many countries.

Argentina: *31# (landlines) or *31*, #31# (most mobile phone companies)

Australia: 1831 (landline) or #31# (mobile phones)

Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland: *31*

Germany: On most landlines and mobiles, *31#, however some mobile providers use #31#

Hong Kong: 133

Israel: *43

Italy: *67# (landline) or #31# (most mobile companies)

New Zealand: 0197 (Telecom and Vodafone)

South Africa: *31* (Telkom)

Sweden: #31#

Be cautious not to include in your prank call plans the numbers of 911, 800, 877, or 900 because you are likely to be in trouble. Numbers cannot be blocked in this way. Consider the emotions of the person you are calling. If they sound that this person can take a joke then go ahead, take your personal pleasure, but if you feel they will not be able to handle your prank call then stop it. People will always have the option to have the call traced and contact the police by dialing *57. And in no time, your prank which starts as funny may send you to jail.

If you are calling your friend or someone who is familiar with you then it is recommended to make your voice sound different from your normal tone. If not, people will easily identify you. Another way to hide your identity is to use a text-to-speech program which is found in the internet. This program can simply disguise your voice.  Always come up with a fake name and develop a persona. Laughing is a great sin in prank calls, it is like saying “Hello this is a frank call”. If you are stuck for what to say, then ask them strange questions.

Hot to Make a Prank Call from a School

Busy places like school tend to be a good place to do a prank call as you have a lesser chance of getting caught. Find a public phone in school, either in a quiet hall way or in an office where nobody will come in. Determine if the area is safe or simply check for cameras. Think in advance the things you want to say in order to make it sound real. Don’t ever leave traces of your actions; make sure to perform a prank call during class hours or when you can excuse yourself without anyone noticing. An important thing to consider is not to overdo this activity as you will have a lot of chances to be a suspect.

Prank Call Ideas

Is Mister Wall there? (Receiver answers No) How about Misses Wall? (Answers still No) Then what’s holding up your ceiling?

Claim that you are doing a survey then ask them hilarious questions. For instance, what color is your refrigerator? Is your room colorful with many ponies and unicorns?

Tell them they are the weakest link and then hang up.

Ask if your refrigerator is running. (Receiver answers Yes) Well you better go and catch it.

Hmm, yes, I ordered a pizza an hour ago and I want to know when it’s coming.

Dealing with Telemarketers: (A fake robbery or shooting prank). When a campaigner or telemarketers call you, listen to what they have to say then stop them midsentence. Tell them, “Could you hang on a second, I think there is somebody at my door.” Put the phone down and pretend to answer the door. Then yell in the background, “Who are you?! Get out of my house!” Try to make it sound like a struggle is taking place and then pop a paper bag next to the phone. Start to scream and fall, then pop a second paper bag and go silent. You will hear them saying. “Oh my God! Sir, are you alright? Oh my God! ” At this point, either hang up or pick up the phone and say, “So what are you doing tonight?”

When a telemarketer calls you, act really interested in what they have to say, but stop them midsentence and says “Well look, I’m really interested in what you have to say, but I’m kind of busy right now so could I have your home number and give you a call later? They will tell you that they cannot give out their personal information. Say to them “Oh, I understand, because you don’t want to have people bothering you at home, right?” When they tell you that is the reason, then say, “Good, well now you know how I feel”, then hang up.