Best Sex Toys for You and Your Partner

Many men are uncomfortable about using a vibrator, either alone or when making love together with their partner. It is understandable that some of today’s best sex toys could well be seen as competition, rendering their own flesh and blood obsolete. This is of particular concern when some toys can easily produce the end result much faster than old fashioned love making ever could.

When faced with such an opponent it is easy to see why men would not like to have it around, getting in the way. If, however, sex toys come to be viewed as an aid or extra stimulant, a vibrator could become an exciting part of a couples sex life together, benefiting both parties.

The old taboos surrounding sex and masturbation are being eroded, with celebrities endorsing their use and even launching their own erotic ‘hardware’ onto the market. Also, thanks to revolutionary delights of internet shopping, an amazing variety of sex toys can be simply and discreetly purchased from the comfort of your own bedroom rather than having to shiftily shuffle into a seedy sex shop.

As the sex toy industry continues to expand, despite the recent economical downturn, more research about their use and effects is being conducted. A recent study concluded that rather than decrease a woman’s desire to have sex with a partner; using a sex toy of some description actually heightened her sexuality, increased her libido and made her less inhibited. Men can also learn from watching how a woman pleasures herself as they may find new ways to improve on their own technique.

It doesn’t all have to be about the woman either. One of the leading sex toys on the market today is a cock ring. Although traditionally seen as an aid to help maintain an erection for men with erectile dysfunction of some description, they now come in a huge number of different designs and types, made purely for pleasure. The vibrating variety can offer ‘hands free’ stimulation of the clitoris, anus and scrotum when having penetrative sex.

Trial and error is probably the best way to find the sex toy is enjoyed by both you and your partner. Keep an open mind and have fun experimenting!