Decorative Cushions For Your Home


In the decoration of homes, fashionable and good furnishing accessories play a very important role. They help in carrying out the decoration of the home by providing different sort of colors and textures. New themes and help in providing the finding touch to the decoration of the home.

Decorative cushions can be found in unlimited variety of colors, designs and fabrics. Due their easy changeable nature and as they come in reasonable prices, they have become a very easy and favorite way of changing the look of the rooms and apartments.

Coming to the styling of the decorative cushions, they can be only for the purpose of decoration or they can be used for both functional purposes as well as decorations. A personal quote or homespun are mainly used for decoration in a throw cushions for sofa and other soft cushions.

The small head rest cushions and floor cushions used for extra sitting are also used for both functional and decorative purposes. Best examples of decorative cushions for functional purposes are large cushions which serve as pet beds and the sleeping pillows.


Decorative cushion styles range from being very simple to that being very elaborate. The times devoted in the making of the cushions find its fair reflection on the designs of the cushions. Decorative cushions can be differentiated into various styles, according to their key role:

decorative cushions

Knife edge – it is one of the simplest styles, where around the edges two pieces of fabric are stitched together. Once it is finished, it is plump in the center and flat around the edges.

Corded – the knife edged pillows having matching or contrasting coding at the seams.

Box – depth is added by the creation of shirred or straight boxing strips.

Flange – containing single or double layered flat self-borders. They usually frame the edges of the knife edged variety.

Ruffled – this features ruffles or laces which are made of, single or double layers of contrasting or matching fibers.

Specialty – large sleeping cushions in the shape of animals and whether proof outdoor cushions, which are used for specific purposes.

Fashion and classic fabric both along with trims are used for the making of decorative cushions. Various kinds of fabrics such as cotton, rayon, polyester, linen and acetate are used in both plain and patterned textures. Some weaves are loosely woven to give a handy craft appearance while the others are very tightly woven.

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Decorative cushions also feature applique and needle point varieties. The cushions ranges from having colorful to white on white patchworks.

Forms and loose fillings are used to give the decorative cushions their shape. The density varies according to the type of filling used varying from firm or soft to over-fill. The polyester foam has a tendency to spring back into a firm shape, the others lack this property. Washable fillings are also used, which are directly stuffed into the pillow covering.

For recommended care instructions of the decorative cushions, the hang tags and labels should be properly read. Spot and spray resistant sprays can be taken into consideration, especially for needle point cushions. However, they are to be tested before, as it may cause any color or texture damage.