Easy Steps on How to Build a Hydroponics System


If you have been looking for a fun new hobby that will also come with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, then learning how to make a hydroponics system is just the kind of new activity you should be engaging in.

Hydroponics systems are clean and interesting systems to grow plants in a small area.

If you have wanted to greenify your thumb, but haven’t had the space, time, or money necessary, then these steps on how to build a hydroponics system can allow you to pursue those dreams of husbandry in your current space and situation.

Decide which hydroponics system you want to build. There are about 4 different common hydroponics systems out there.

The best one for you will depend on where you live, what your budget is, and which plants you are hoping to raise.

Collect the necessary components for your chosen Hydroponics system. T

he tools you will need will depend on which system you go with, but the most common supplies will be things like Styrofoam, water reservoirs (like a fish tank), buckets, plastic tubing, and maybe a water pump of some kind.

Find the right space for your hydroponics system.

The different kinds of hydroponics systems will need different amounts of space, and different conditions. Usually you will need about 5 feet of space somewhere near a light source.

A window is your best bet, but if this is not possible, then don’t fret. You can still build a successful hydroponics system using a solar or uv heat lamp.

If you were hoping to put your system in a small unused space like a closet, then this will be the way to go.

Prepare your seeds.

Follow the instructions on the seedlings you wish to plant in your hydroponics system.

Place them gently in their containers, and prepare them to enter the hydroponics system.

Maintain your system. Building a hydroponics system is fairly simple. The hardest part is the set-up which makes the up-keep a breeze.

However, just because it is simple does not mean it can be ignored and expected to still yield a good crop.

You will need to clean the system, repair any damaged parts, and maintain the plants themselves by clipping them when needed and sorting them as they grow.

Enjoy your new hobby. Hydroponics can be a lot of fun, and it can provide a much needed release from other stressors in everyday life.

Be sure and take the time to observe and enjoy the relaxation that can come from bringing forth new life in such an interesting and beautiful fashion.

More detailed instructions on how to build a hydroponics system can be found for each of the different hydroponics systems out there if you click through to some of our other great articles on this subject.

Be prepared to invest some time and money right up front, but know that it is well worth the time and effort to put into a system of this nature.