Fitness Model Review

The latest health craze that has been sweeping the nation has led to a huge influx of health and exercise related products.  It seems that everywhere you look, there is some kind of new program that promises to make you look ten years younger and hundreds of pounds lighter.

Some of these are legitimate, and some are completely bogus.  We have decided to do a review here of one of these products so you can have some more information to help you find the best exercise and weight loss program for you.

What is Fitness Model?

Fitness Model is a program created by a woman who was part of the fashion industry for a long time.  She knows just what it takes to keep the slim figure that is needed for runways.

She created Fitness Model as a way to share her knowledge with other women who would like to look like a page from a a catalogue without resorting to unnatural procedures or supplements.

12 Week Program

For us, the fact that this program is designed in a 12 week format gives it some good credence.  You can’t get something for nothing, and this program follows that adage.  You won’t get the promised results until you have completed almost 3 months of the exercise and diet program laid out in this program.

This is not a quick fix- it is a way to help you change out bad habits for good habits that can lead you not just to a modelesque physique, but also to a healthier mind and body and overall lifestyle.  Once you finish the 12 week program, you can turn around and start it again from the top, only this time you will be stronger and more educated on the content.

3 Layers of Purposes

Jennifer Nicole Lee was very smart in the way she designed Fitness Model.  She knows that it takes more than just exercise to attain weight loss goals.  That is why this program uses 3 major components to help their clients lose the weight they want.  Those 3 steps are:

  • Exercise– there are 12 weeks worth of exercise routines and strength training tips.
  • Diet Plans– no matter how hard you work out, you won’t lose a lot of weight until your diet changes.  Jennifer Nicole Lee has provided some great meal plan options to help you cut calories and change your eating habits.
  • Supplement Guide– Natural supplements can help you stay stronger and healthier as they increase your metabolism and regulate your digestion.  It is hard to get healthy if you don’t feel good doing it, and that is what the supplements are for.

The combination of these three components makes Fitness Model an excellent resource to consider when shopping for weight loss programs out there.

Personal Endorsement

Jennifer Nicole Lee has personally designed this program, but more than that- she has endorsed the program.  She is in all the commercials, her voice is heard the minute you click on her site and her picture is seen anywhere the product is presented.  She has faith in this product and is not afraid of her reputation being sullied by it.

This confidence in a product of her own making gives us more confidence that her statements are true, and her claims of amazing body changes in 12 weeks are very legitimate.

Easy to Schedule

Fitness Program - Before and AfterMany women have had a hard time sticking to weight loss programs because they are just too busy.  Between work, school, children, spouses, friends and all the other elements that take up time in the lives of women today, it is a wonder they can even find a spare moment to THINK about losing weight.

Jennifer Nicole Lee has those women covered with her Fitness Model Program.  This program is designed to be able to fit into a busy schedule.  The exercises only take a few minutes a piece, and the diet plan includes quick recipes as well as a guide as to what foods on the go you can eat without ruining or halting your progress in the Fitness model Program.

If you are a busy woman who still wants to take some time to focus on your health, then the Fitness Model Program might be just what you are looking for.

Celebrity Endorsements

There have been many celebrities that have featured this product on their programs and endorsed the content of it.  Some of these celebrities or big features are:

  • The Oprah Winfrey Show
  • Oxygen Magazine
  • The Fitness Network
  • Natural Muscle Magazine
  • Fitness RX

These are high profile slots that are not just given to anyone. These show us that the fitness world not only knows about Fitness Model Program, but they like it and trust it.

Doctor Approved

There have been a lot of recalls with weight loss materials like workout videos, supplements, and equipment.  These happen when something that promised to help you lose weight ended up being dangerous in nature.  Not good.

This won’t happen with Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Fitness Model Program because unlike those other recalled fitness products, this one is doctor approved.  Medical professionals have reviewed this program and have stated that it is scientifically sound, physically safe, and can live up to the promises made within it.

Supplemental Products

There are some wonderful supplemental products that go with this weight loss system.  Each of the added books and equipment pieces are not necessary for your success, but they certainly make it easier.

We like when product designers do this because it shows that really at heart, they are more interested in you finding success in your weight loss journey than they are in just making a buck.  Here are some of the added materials you will get if you purchase Fitness Model Program:

  • Bikini Body Workout Program– another DVD to workout with.  Variety is not just the spice of life, but also the spice of fitness!
  • Kill Your Craving Monster– a book to help you avoid those cravings that can wreak havoc on a healthy diet plan.
  • Motivate to Lose Weight– this is an MP3 file that you can download to help you get motivated and stay motivated.


We know that everyone’s weight loss needs and goals are different and that there is no one size fits all answer when it comes to weight loss.

We do feel, however, that Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Fitness Model Program has been designed in such an intelligent way, that it can help pretty much any woman who purchases it and follows it.

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