FixCleaner: An Honest Review

OK… If you have already experienced:

  • A computer taking hours (ok, minutes) to boot
  • Scary error messages
  • PC freezes
  • and other hardware problems

Then read on this little FixCleaner review

If you’re like me, you’re the only ‘computer-savvy’ of your family. When someone has a computer-related problem, you’re the person we call and say HELP! Then you need to spend hours on your sister’s computer to ‘fix’ her last virus attack…

It’s frustrating, since even if you know computers, it’s not always easy to fix any particular problem she may have. PLUS, you know that you absolutely -need- to resolve her problem, otherwise, you will feel guilty…

BUT, there’s now a way to not feel frustrated anymore!

Some months ago I stumbled upon an advanced computer utility called FixCleaner, from SlimWare Utilities. This program has been designed to remove errors and boost the performance of home PCs.

As always, I was skeptical of all those FixCleaner reviews… In fact, I must admit I didn’t like this kind of programs… I always thought they are scams…

But after a computer crash (and to save a few hours), I decided to download it using their free trial link. The software installed in a very short time! I was impressed!

The interface is very easy to use, so even my sister could use it! 😉 There’s a lot of functions available, which cover every problem you could have with your home PC! And the whole thing was well organized…

The Home Page of the product’s website said that you can Fix, Clean and Speed Up your PC with one click! And it was true! In fact, you have no configuration to do, all is already setup…

So I go ahead and launched the process… After a few minutes, FixCleaner discovered a few issues with my PC and offered to correct them. It was that simple! My computer became ‘healthy’ again without having to re-install Windows or any driver!

I was shocked! I installed it on my sister’s computer ASAP! She still thanks me today for doing so! 🙂

The main benefits of FixCleaner 2.0 are:

  • Boost Start-Up Speeds
  • Delete Junk files & Fix Windows Errors
  • Wipe Private Data & Internet Logs
  • Works on Windows 98 / ME / XP / 2000 / Vista / 7
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • and a lot more…

It still have some bad points, though… The price is $69.95, which was a little investment to me!..

However, they sometimes offer a 50% discount, so you can get it at $34.95 for up to 3 PCs when this special offer is available!

To finally get rid of your computer problems (or those of your family), I would definitely recommend visiting! It’s easy to use, reliable and gets the job done! If you can get it at the discount price, do not hesitate any more as it comes and go…

Fix Your Computer Problems With the Click of a Mouse! Click Here!