Funny Ways to Torture Your Neighbors

Sometimes we may not be blessed with the perfect neighbor we dreamed of. Some are annoying, rude, ruthless, uncaring, and gossipmongers. If your neighbors start to mess up with you, then try your best to deal with the situation in a good way. Here are some of the effective ways to deal with your neighbors.

Talk to them

Learning to talk to them is the easiest way to bring up the situation. Sometimes these neighbors are unaware that they are doing wrong. Explain your concern like a friendly chat and you may discover that your annoying neighbor isn’t so horrible at all.

Talk to your Landlord

If they are renters, it is better to talk to the landlord as they may be in a position to make things right. If it’s the loud noise that you’re complaining then the landlord may reinforce the walls, or maybe he can improve the ventilation system if cigarette smoke from your neighbors find its way to your room. Most often, landlords need to implement house rules for renters to follow.

Call the Law Enforcement

In worst cases, where the landlord was not able handle these serious matters or if they have done damage to your properties, then it is time to call the cops. It is important to document the problem, start keeping notes such as time, dates, and photos if possible to show that you’ve tried to work it out but still your neighbor persisted. Calling the police might show your neighbor that you are serious with your complain and you are not going to let the problem go.

Make fun ways to annoy them

If talking to your neighbors and landlord doesn’t solve the issue and it seems that you have tried all the tactics and they didn’t work, then you can do some funny things to annoy them. In this way, you’ll get your revenge and this might make them realize the inconvenience they’ve caused you. Here are some of the funny ways to annoy your neighbors.

Dogs and cats could really do the things for you. Allow them to do their business in your neighbor’s yard, the smell and noises will surely annoy your neighbor.

Ring your neighbor’s doorbell then hide. Once you feel go back inside then ring the doorbell again, then hide.

Place rubber snakes around their garden beds.

Park your car right in front of the neighbor’s gate or in their driveway. When they start to ask you to take it away then promise them you will pull it out right away, but don’t actually do it.

Scatter a lot of garbage including leftovers in front of their house, yard, or garden. Make sure that no one saw you doing this. The odor along with hordes of flies and stray dogs will surely piss them off.

Crawl around their lawn sniffing the grass, when they get suspicious, talk to the grass and say, “They’re coming on to us, my precious”.

Hang numerous wind chimes in your garden. When the wind blows late at night wind chimes can bang and clang. The more chimes you hang, the louder the noise it makes, loud enough to disturb the next door folks.

One of the most common ways to annoy someone is through a prank call. Call your neighbor and pretend to be an RJ from the local radio station. Tell him that it is a live call with thousands of listeners tuning in, and then ask him to answer three questions to win a weekend trip to a happening destination. Make sure to list funny or hilarious questions and then embarrass him.

Another irritating prank call idea you can do to your neighbor is to call them, and once they answer ask them why they called. Obviously, they will try to insist that you were the one who called but be persistent that it was them who called you. Take a look at this example.


YOU: “Hello”


YOU: “How may I help you sir?”

“Excuse me. You were the one who just called me!”

YOU: “Sorry sir, but you have just called me.”

“No, you were the one who has called me.”

YOU: “You’d better tell me your name or else I will have to hang up”

The person might hang up the phone but after a couple of hours, you can call the number again and say

YOU: “It’s you again! I will have to report you to the cops!”


Steal all of your neighbor’s grass and tell them that dirt is the new style.

If you cannot take all the loud noises made by your neighbor then you can simply do the same to them. First open you window and put some speakers on the window board. Plug in these speakers to you computer or laptop then browse the YouTube channel and play some Cannibal Corpse. This will surely get them creeped up.

Borrow your neighbor’s Sunday paper. Read it, clip the coupons, and then return it to them after.

If they are on vacation, plant some fast-growing shrubs in their garden.

Hide a motion-sensing electronic watch dog near their door in such a way that it makes a loud bark every time your neighbor opens and closes the door.

Every time your neighbor’s are having dinner, come to their house in raggedy old clothes and ring the doorbell and say, “I’m homeless; may I have a dinner with you?”

If your neighbor only has a fence between your garden and theirs, then you could make use of your leaf blower to accidentally aim your fallen leaves into their garden.

Use your neighbor’s name and address to sign up for load of junk mail. Receiving sackful of unwanted stuff everyday will drive him crazy when he attempts to find his genuine mails.

Ring up the Jehovas Witnesses, Church of Scientology or any similar organizations you can think of and ask them to come and visit as you need to be “shown the way”, then give them your neighbor’s address.

Disclaimer: When doing these pranks, make sure to be very sneaky and please don’t overdo it.