How Do You Brand Yourself?

How Do You Brand Yourself? – Ways to Make Your Name Ring Bells

By Jonathan Budd

Branding yourself is the art of separating yourself from your competition. It is what

attracts new customers with as little or no work at all. It is what keeps existing customers buying new products from you over and over again. It is the ultimate form of marketing.

So you want to make a list of what sets you and/or your business apart from the competition. Also make a list of what you expect from your favorite companies and what do they do to keep you expecting to receive the same results.

Since you’re just developing your companies name recognition it is necessary to be

very careful in the beginning. You want your brand to be personalized and powerful as well as having it relate to the niche you are growing in.

Also, you’re switching your marketing techniques from concentrating on your products to concentrating on you or the name, quality, and potential of your company but you don’t really want your customers to realize this. You just want them to begin registering what they have with your company, not what they have.

It’s not a good product, it’s your product. It’s not a good hamburger; it’s a McDonald’s burger. Really, you may call a burger you have at an unknown rode side grill a good burger but not at McDonald’s. (Discounting whether McDonald’s burgers are actually good, we can’t deny there is something inside that makes them desirable)

This won’t just happen. First off, your have to consistently deliver good products, after you have built name recognition, your allowed a few mistakes, in the beginning… no. Develop systems of advanced customer service; let your customers know you are working for them. Set up promotion marketing campaigns for key dates throughout the year, target specific groups in your niche to attract new customers and remind your existing customers of what they can expect to come in the future.

You develop good name recognition by selling good products and by marketing your company over the products. No one can help you if no one wants your product. After this, market research, competitor and customer will deliver to you what you need to know about how to carry out your marketing campaigns.

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