How To Apply For A Government Job

how to apply for a government job
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It is important to keep in mind that there are many scams out there asking you to

pay in order to get an application through to the government. That just isn’t the case. The best place to search, apply, and learn about federal government jobs is at

This website has everything you need to know about the process and selection of candidates, as well as specific job information related to the posted jobs.

Here’s an overview of what you will need to do to apply.

– First of all, create a resume. The website will accept an application in place of a resume, but it really is more professional to have one anyway. There are many tools to

help you create one if you don’t already have it. Word has resume templates that can create professional looking resumes.

– When you visit the above referenced website, it does ask for you to create an account. This is just a way to better match jobs to your profile – just like any other job search engine.

So, create an account and set your preferences.

– Start by searching for a job that matches your experience. If you’ve ever used any other job search sites, then this should be fairly familiar. If not, click on the link that says ‘Search Jobs.’ You can enter a variety of information to narrow your search. There is a ‘keywords’ section at the top where you can enter specific key words for the site to search. Next is the box that has the state and city information. If you want to work in a specific state, you can choose to narrow it down that way. The next category is the ‘Job Category Search.’ This allows you to narrow your search to specific fields, such as Physical Sciences, Psychology, Communication, etc. Once you’ve entered all of the information that you want the site to search by, answer the eligibility question at the bottom and then click ‘Search for Jobs.’

– The next screen takes you to a list of jobs that match your search criteria. Browse through this list to see if anything meets your needs. When you find one that you would like to look at, click on it. It will take you to a more in-depth description of the position.

– What’s different about this search engine versus others is that each position requires very specific application guidelines. The page that pulls up when you click on a link has some tabs at the top: Overview, Duties, Qualifications and Evaluations, Benefits and Other Info, and How to Apply. It is important that you read through all of these tabs and determine if the position is right for you and that you have all of the necessary qualifications for the job.

– Once you’ve read through all of the tabs, click on the ‘How to Apply’ tab. This tab will give you specific instructions on how to apply for that job. You may be required to take a test, fill out a document, or simply send an email. Whatever the case, just make sure that you follow those directions to a tee. It does not look good for you if you are submitting an application but cannot even follow the directions.

– Be sure to pay special attention to job opening and closing dates, as well. Anything submitted outside these parameters is discarded and not even looked at.

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