How to Do Cat Makeup

So you want to be a sexy little kitty, do you? Or just a cute kitty, if you’re doing this for your kid, but either way I’ve got you covered. This is a simple costume makeup job that you can do, on your own (with a little help from our sexy British friend you’ll see in the video below), at home, in maybe 20 minutes or so. This would be GREAT to go with a sexy cat outfit like this for a costume party, Halloween, or Mardi Gras (I lived in New Orleans for several years, yes people dress up in all sorts of costumes for Mardi Gras). Now, this is designed to be more of a lighter, cute

sort of cat look as opposed to a realistic one that someone who was doing something like playing a cat in a play would go for, I’ve really got the girl who just wants to get the cute-and-kinda-sexy cat look going on in mind more than someone who really wants to look like a friggin’ cat.

So there 😛 . Right, well I’ve got a few tips for you and then we’ll get started.

  • The best stuff to use is greasepaint. It’s something you’ll need to go to a stage makeup store for and it’s not easy to get off afterward (but not too bad, you’ll just need to hit it with some cold cream or makeup remover and then some soap) but it looks better than anything else, and if you sweat it won’t make it runny. You can also substitute face paint (easy to find around Halloween) or liquid/cream based makeups (cream eyeshadow will work in a pinch, but you’ll need a lot of it).
  • If you want to get those high and thin eyebrows that a lot of girls do for the cat look then you’ll need to block your eyebrows (with a gob or two of mortician’s wax or spirit gum–any place that carries stage makeup will have these). After doing this you just draw on the eyebrows higher up where you want them.
  • Do NOT sleep with this makeup on, I don’t care how drunk you get. You’ll make a mess of your pillow and you will have a hell of a nasty breakout on your face when you wake up in the morning.

What do do

And now our lovely British friend here will show you precisely how to do cat makeup on yourself:

Additional Resources and Further Reading

Here’s an awesome site with piles of instructions and makeup charts for doing cat makeup.