How to Do Makeup for Brown Eyes – Purple, Gold, Burnt Orange, Oh My!


Brown eyes are anything but bland, in fact they’ve got something that blues and greens usually don’t: there are so many variations of

brown that if you look closely you can usually find flecks and sparkles of other colors intermixed, making them not ‘just’ brown, but a veritable rainbow of browns, golds, ambers, and even some green. Take a very close look at your eyes and figure out what different color tones you see: the other colors that you see besides brown are the ones you’ll want to bring out

with your eye makeup. I’ve got two videos here for you instead of a wall of text because it’s SO much easier to learn from watching a video of a professional makeup artist (the women in both videos are) demonstrate the proper procedure on someone while actually explaining what they’re doing at the same time. Have a look, and pay attention, here’s the first one courtesy of Pur Minerals:

A few tips before we go to the second one: you should use bright colors that contrast with your beautiful brown eyes like bright purples, golds, greens, blues, burnt oranges, etc. What’s great about brown eyes is

that they’re so versatile because they are so neutral and therefore go with lots of different colors. You should play around with some of these colors, and use a black eyeliner that will further illuminate your eyes due to the black/brown contrast. If you’re a brunette with a cooler skin tone, your eyes will really be brought out by

bright primary colors like royal blue, lime, and crimson red. You’re also one of very few women who can totally pull off bright yellow as a complete outfit–wearing yellow with lightly tanned skin will really cause your beautiful browns to stand out. Here’s the second video:

Additional Tips and Resources

Definitely have a look at my previous post that I did on how to makeup eyes in general, that’s also got an excellent video and some additional tips for you.

Someone asked how they could make their brown eyes stand out and got some great responses on Yahoo! Answers, have a look. also has some really good tips on how to enhance brown eyes, definitely worth a look.