How to Give a Vitamin B12 and B6 Injection Safely

483503117_XSVitamin b12 and b6 injections are used when people have fatigue syndromes or some kind of deficiency in their blood.  The injections work wonders to rally these people, but only when done correctly.

The truth is, there is a lot of danger and risk involved in these kind of injections when they are done incorrectly.  For you benefit, we have listed here some steps you can follow to make sure you are giving the vitamin b12 and b6 injection safely and correctly:

  1. Sterilize Yourself: Wash your hands with soap and water and hand sanitizer.  If you are applying the injection to yourself, then that should be enough preparation, but if you are giving the injection to someone else, we highly suggest you use some gloves as well.
  2. Cleanse the Bottles: Use a cotton swab doused in alcohol to sanitize the tops of the injection bottles of Vitamin b6 and b12.  This will ensure that any bacteria or dirt on the top of the bottles will not harm the recipient of the injection.
  3. Sanitize Injection Site: Using alcohol and any other sterilizing agent you deem necessary, cleanse the spot where the injection is to be received.
  4. Prep the Syringe: Sterilize the syringe before using to make sure you don’t infiltrate the vials of medicine.
  5. Put Vitamin b6 into Syringe: Draw into the syringe the prescribed amount of Vitamin b6.  This should be done in one draw.  Most doctors will take in a bit more than is needed and then move the syringe to get rid of the excess to make sure they have the exact amount needed.
  6. Sanitize the Syringe Again: Since in most cases you will be using the same syringe for both the b6 and b12, you need to carefully sanitize the syringe to make sure you don’t contaminate the b12 bottle with the b6.
  7. Put Vitamin b12 into Syringe:  Using the same technique from step 5, add the prescribed amount of b12 into the syringe.  It may take a bit of math to know what level on the syringe you must meet to get the right amount.
  8. Puncture the Injection Site:  Hold the syringe at a 90 degree angle to the injection site, and puncture the skin there.  Don’t plunge too deep, but make sure you are at least half an inch below the skin.
  9. Aspirate the Injection Site: To do this, you will pull back on the plunger a bit.  Watch the syringe container and see if any blood enters.  If you see blood, take out the needle and start at step one as you have hit a blood vessel.  If there is no blood, then you are free to continue to the next step.
  10. Inject Vitamin b6 and b12: If the aspiration of the injection site is done well, then inject the vitamins quickly and pull out the syringe.
  11. Discard the Syringe:  NEVER re-use a syringe.  There are so many risks involved in that.  After the injection is complete, IMMEDIATELY recap the syringe and discard it safely.

Bandage Injection Site: Place an adhesive bandage over the injection site to stop and bleeding that occurs from the injection.