How To Lay Tile – 7 Sure Fire Ways To Mess Up


How To Lay Tile – 7 Sure Fire Ways To Mess Up
By Steve McIntyre

Installing tile is an expensive option compared with other forms of decor. It is important you know how to lay tile. You certainly do not want to make these mistakes.

1 Not Planning Tile Layout

Result: too many tile cuts

Solution: plan where any pattern, border or accent tiles will go before you start tiling. An important element of knowing how to lay tile is being able to visualize the finished tile effect.

2 Incorrect Tiling Base

Result: loose tiles, cracks

Solution: Fill in any cracks with appropriate filler. Hammer down any protruding nails. Remove any glue or cement residue with a blade scraper. Thoroughly clean the surface. Cement is by far the best base for laying tile. Cement backboard is excellent for wooden floors, walls and counter tops.

3 Not reviewing work at regular intervals

Result: poorly laid tile or grout errors that are very difficult to correct

Solution: Inspect your handiwork every 15 minutes. It’s easier to rectify mistakes before tile or grout has set.

4 Using The Wrong Adhesive

Result: tiles come loose, water seepage, cracks in tile

Solution: Choose an adhesive suitable for the use of area where you are laying tiles. For example, waterproof for wet areas, flexible additive for floors.

5 Excess Grout

Result: overall appearance of tiles is spoilt

Solution: Use straight edge of grout float at a ninety degree angle to scrape off excess. When grout is dry, clean and polish tile. Grouting tile correctly is essential for a quality finish.

6 Using Wrong Grout

Result:water seepage or cracks over time.

Solution: Use a grout suitable for how tiled area is to be used. Waterproof grout for wet areas, specialist grout for exterior use or food preparation areas.

7 Miscalculating Number Of Tiles Required

Result: You run out of tiles.

Solution: measure the area very carefully. Calculate the number of tiles needed in each pattern/color. Allow extra tiles for awkward shaped areas. Add 15% to allow for mistakes, cuts and spares. Buy all the tiles at the same time. Make sure they come from the same batch to avoid shade variations in the color.

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  1. I have recently tiled my extra bedroom and I used the measure right pro (www.Tile I didn’t have to worry about making the wrong cuts or how many cuts. I started from the center and went out. All the other advice is really good to keep in mind. Thanks