How To Make Cake: Best Cake Recipe Ever According to Survey


This is going to be an epic cake (yeah, 4chan bakes a cake, here we go 😀 ), this cake is going to be so good that when you give it to your guests their eyes are going to roll back in their heads, they’re going to start twitching, and then they’ll say recently held a contest to find out what the best cake EVER is where they had thousands of people submit recipes that everyone would try and vote on their favorite, and THIS one

came out the winner among thousands (see the other final contestants here, such as Amaretto Cream Filled Cake and Chocolate Eclair Dump Cake: Contest Cake Recipe Contest). What else makes this cake really cool is the fact that there’s no actual baking involved, so even guys like me who are clueless about cooking can

make this cake in a short matter of time without screwing it up! So here is how you make Andrew’s “Orgasmic Cake” (aka Instant Oreo Ice Cream Cake, but I just thought “Orgasmic Cake” sounded better, don’t you?):


Ok, and here’s another recipe I found for a similar type of cake that sounds awesome but it does involve baking–you guys are welcome to try both and report back which is better please, thanks!

Prep Time: 30 minutes

* 1 standard 2 layer cake batter, any flavor
* 1/2 gallon ice cream, any flavor(s)
* 8 ounces whipped cream or topping
* optional toppings or decorations

Bake cake according to directions in one 8-inch round cake pan and one 8-inch square pan. Once cool, place round cake layer in the bottom of a similar width mixing bowl. Cut square cake into ladyfinger-sized (2×4 inch) pieces. Press these pieces all along the sides of the bowl and have it meet the bottom round piece. Pinch all the seams together. You should not be able to see any of the bowl.

Put any flavor of your favorite ice cream(s) inside. Be creative, Use Strawberry, Vanilla and Blueberry for the 4th of July, or Strawberry for Christmas and put green food coloring in the whipped cream.

Place plastic wrap directly on top of the ice cream. Freeze. One half hour before serving. Remove cake from bowl. Dip bottom of bowl in warm water if necessary. Ice the cake with the whipped cream. Decorated as desired.

Source: Instant Ice Cream Cake Recipe