How to Make Kinda-Sorta Infrared Goggles for 10 Bucks

Another short but very nifty how-to for you. It…misrepresents what it is, a bit, because it says that these are “infrared” goggles, and what they’re showing you how to do is make a pair of goggles that filter out all light except for light in the near-infrared portion of the spectrum. Humans are not actually capable of seeing light in the infrared spectrum, so anything visible to you through these goggles MUST be light in the visible spectrum since all you’re doing is filtering the light, as opposed to using actual infrared-to-visible converting tubes (this is how real infrared goggles work: they have vacuum tubes in them that convert infrared light and display it as visible light). However, it’s still pretty cool, and for about 10 bucks total…meh, why not? Here’s how to make them: