How to Pay with Blank Paper with Derren Brown (mental magic trick–NLP)


Very cool little bit of NLP/mentalism you’ll see performed here, I’m not sure if it’s just the confidence in combination with him distracting them by talking to them or what, but it works (he buys some fish using blank paper as money, then gets ballsier and does it with some jewelry):


  1. He uses a subliminal force when he says: “Take it. Take it, it’s fine.” The way he does it makes the sales clerk believe that the paper is fine and that he doesn’t need to check.

  2. He uses conversational hypnosis…………..
    I spent hours researching this vid and got about well a lot of things that he incorporates from conversational hypnosis in his own way……..
    oh and if ur wondering, im a hypnotist myself……

  3. I’m such a big fan of darren brown. His conversational skills is amazing. He uses confusion to put them in a suggestible state and has him do as he pleases. It’s hilarious but real.

  4. i hear him say a number and use a relatable story int the 2 that worked. he asked a question in the wrong one, thats what i got.