How To Sew Weave In Hair Instructions

Sewing your own weave can be difficult and time consuming. Unless you are pretty familiar with doing it yourself, in some cases it may be better to have someone else help you with it. If you choose to do it yourself, there is no need to fear: sewing in your own hair weave is difficult, but not impossible.

You can do the simple ponytail weave whereby you pull your own hair up into a ponytail and wrap the weave around your ponytail and then secure it with bobby pins. If you simply prefer to sew the weave, you must start with your hair braided.

You can do this one of two ways. You can either braid it in cornrows or you can braid it in zigzags. Once the hair is braided, you will sew the weave into the braids. If you’ve ever done weaving of any kind, then you will be a little familiar with how to do it with your hair. You use a weaving needle and thread the weave through it. Then you weave, as the word implies, through out the braids. You will want to start on one side and move your way to the other side.

Now, if you are adamant about doing this yourself, there is another option that may be easier than sewing. You can do something called bonding, which is basically gluing tracks of hair to your roots with a special adhesive.

While this method is certainly easier to do yourself, it doesn’t last as long as the traditional braid weaving. Where traditional weaving can last for 3-4 weeks, it is recommended that you don’t leave the bonded tracks in for more than 2 weeks. This is because the adhesive can cause severe damage to your own hair.

If you have any specific questions, it is always best to consult your hair stylist. But if you really want to do it yourself, these are the best ways for you to do just that.

Instructional Video on How To Weave Hair

A professional stylist shows you how to do salon quality weaves and extensions at home

A friend of mine wrote THE book on doing weaves and extensions–she’s a professional stylist and has been teaching people how to do this at home, on the cheap, for years now. She’s finally gotten around to writing a manual on how to do it yourself, I highly recommend you check this out and give it a shot: The Weave Manual.

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