How to Size Your Bra (measure, choose, and fit)

Ok ladies, today I’m going to show you how to properly size your bra. I debated about whether to make this as short as possible or to do a more detailed post, and from what I’ve learned I really don’t think I could do a proper job with just a few tips and a 2 minute video or something, so we’re going to go into a bit more detail here to make absolutely certain that you know how to do things right–we are talking about your boobs, after all. Keep in mind that many factors affect your bra size, such as age, pregnancy, weight loss and gain, and birth control pills (they alter your

hormones, so yes they can change the size of your boobs). If you’re a teenage girl, you should know that you may have to change your bra size several times before you’re done developing, and every woman should check her bra size once every few years regardless of circumstances, especially if wearing a bra in any

way becomes uncomfortable–keep in mind the fact that the average woman wears 6 different bra sizes throughout her life. Let’s get started.

Part 1: An Introduction by our boobie expert, Valerie Lucas, owner of Coup de Foudre Lingerie, and some basics about fitting a bra

Part 2: How to measure your cup size

Part 3: How to try on a bra

Part 4: How to evaluate the fit of the bra

Part 5: What it should look like underneath your clothes

Part 6: How to select a strapless bra

Part 7: How to select a bra for a low-cut dress

Added Bonus: How to make a bra out of a handkerchief, from 1921 Britain

This is awesome, if any girls out there do this and take a picture of yourself wearing it, I promise you I will post it here 😀

Additional Resources and Further Reading

For an excellent guide to learning about how to feel sexier and confident by looking sexier and curvier, check out Underneath It All by Jennifer Carroll and Kathy Schultz–they’ll show you the best styles for your body so you can show off your assets 😉

Here’s another article on measuring your bra size you can check out if you want a different perspective. Also, MSNBC has got a really interesting article here on how your bra size changes over the years and what to do about it.