How to Spice Up Your Sex Life by Keeping It New

Make Your Sex Life New

No one would be on this planet without sex it. It is one of the most important aspects of all life forms which ensures the very existance and survival of the species. Not only is it the means by which all human beings pro-create but it is also a most pleasureable experience that is able to open- up all the energy points of the body.

However to enhance the energy points during the sexual act it is imperitive that a natural balanced diet is continually maintained, and most importantly that the level of attraction for both partners are in equilibrium. The absence of this balance of attraction is one of the main reasons why many couples do not have a fulfilled sex life, in such circumstances it is most important to know.

How to spice up your sex life. In the first instance one must be concious of the fact that they need to make the whole sexual activity new as it was at the begining of any relationship.

Create The Feeling Of Joy To Spice Up You Sex Life

Making the whole act new is key to spicing up sex, as the saying goes familiarity breathes contempt, and such is often the case in many relationships, people can often become bored of the same routine which they have obviously gotten use to over a period of time, this getting use to takes away the excitement factor, hence the necessity to keep sex new which instantly enhances the excitement factor.

To begin with how to spice up your sex life one should change from the usual location of having sex to a new location or if not possible create a new more relaxing seductive surroundings in the bedroom. However it is imperitive that when planning to have sex, one should not be focussed solely on the sexual act itself, but make the whole thing like a night out.

By doing fun things together whether out for a drink, or dinner at a restaurant, this creates the feel good factor which is essential in creating that new sexual vitality and energy, as it is a universal law that joy is the engine of all things.

To even more enhance this process couples can imagine themselves as being strangers, going out seperately and meeting up and acting in the very same way they would have acted if it were their first date.

This is very exciting and couples will begin to see what they were attracted to in each other all over again. At the end of the night they should go to their choosen new location whether at an hotel, or at home. This new feeling will create intense arousal between couples.

Massages To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Added to this if they are not prepared to go out of the home then they must be sure to create a seductive surroundings candles, soft lights etc, this will create a relaxing atmosphere.

Then slow gentle all over massages of each other, again not focussing so much on the sexual act but the overall activity of massaging and appreciating each others body.

More Tips

Here are some great tips:

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