How To Start A Magazine


How To Start a Magazine: Starting Your Own Magazine, The Basics

By Victor Epand

Self-publishing has been done by people for years now. Previously, publishing used to be done for books. Books have been the

oldest source of written information available. Later on, magazines were authored as a very comprehensive piece of work. If people have been self-publishing books, then it is possible to do the same with magazines. For those who

find novels lengthy and time consuming, for them magazines are a blessing. They are colorful, picturesque, humorous, informative and entertaining. It is a fabulous idea to start your own magazine. Have the courage and go ahead!

Most importantly, you need to have sufficient funds, to start your own magazine. Whether you wish to start your own magazine with a small edition or a bulky one will depend on your finances. Resources are important. You can always

take the assistance of a friend or family member who has sales or marketing experience. They could chalk out a great sales plan and a cost effective one. From how to go about production and advertising to ways to

promote your magazine. Every bit of information that you can get from people you trust, would be beneficial to your magazine.

There are people who have different websites, running their own magazine. Log on, to see what they have to offer. Check out all the areas of work. You can get enough information from them who are running a successful magazine or who have knowledge about the same. They can post their advice and opinions online. Go ahead and look for it. Take what is of value to you and reject the rest. It could also give you a lot of ideas, on what to do and what not to do. This is called disaster management according to me. Make sure of everything to give you less chances of making a blunder.

You must also have the ability to write. If you have not done a course in journalism, then you must have basic writing skills. When you own a magazine, there is a lot of matter you can come out with. It is not possible, if you do not have the ability to write. It is one of the most crucial aspects for your business.

It is not expensive to purchase your own domain and take your magazine online. It is a much faster and easier way of promoting your magazine, as it cuts down costs. Make a great and attractive subscription plan, where people could subscribe to it for 6 months or maybe a year, at discounted rates. Your magazine will really sell.

Make sure, it has a great cover with every edition with colorful and great pictures and illustrations inside. This can be a great way of catching the attention of potential buyers and customers. Finally, have the courage to go ahead and do what you always wanted to do, in a systematic, methodical and unique way. You will need ample patience and forbearance, before your magazine gets a name of its own. And you never know, you could leave behind a legacy.

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