How To Throw A Co-ed Bridal Shower


How to Throw A Jack and Jill Co-ed Bridal Shower

By Erica Tevis

For couples planning a wedding this year, it’s all about throwing a big bash, pulling out all the stops and having an event which leaves a lasting impression on both you and your guests.

It’s no surprise that with all this wedding buzz, comes huge pre-wedding activities such as holding a Jack and Jill shower. Jack and Jill showers also known as co-ed showers are increasing in popularity, and it’s no surprise – the guys want

to party with their friends and family as well. But these parties are not necessarily what you would think a typical bridal shower would be.

For a Jack and Jill shower to be successful, you also need to have the participation of the male members of your family and friends. A typical Jack and Jill shower may be held as a BBQ, a cookout, at a private party at a sporting event, in a hall, a picnic, at a park or even a beach side soiree. You should also include some form of entertainment which replaces the typical bridal shower games.

You can hold a guys versus girls volleyball tournament or softball game, have a DJ or music, or even hold a “newlywed” style game for several couples to participate in. If you choose to design a game it should be fun for

all involved, keeping in mind guys are entertained much differently than women are.

Jack and Jill parties also have the groom in mind regarding gift giving. You may choose to register at different stores such as a home improvement store, an electronics store, or an outdoor store. Gifts for the groom should be considered – after all it is his party too. Things for the grill, garage, gardening, sporting, camping, power tools, and electronics are all items the couple will also need to get their home started and also are geared toward the groom to enjoy.

There are also several themes you could plan for your Jack and Jill shower such as: “stock the bar” where invitees are asked to bring a particular type of liquor or barware items, “make room” where invitees are assigned rooms of the home to purchase something for, or “gift cards” which makes it super easy for guests to purchase and will guarantee the couple buys exactly what they want.

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