How To Tie A Windsor Knot (double windsor knot) Instructional Video


This is an excellent instructional video that will show you, step by step, how to

tie a double windsor tie knot. I also used it in conjunction with my main article on tie knots: How To Tie A Neck Tie : Instructions, Diagrams and Videos For the Four Main Tie Knots, where you can go if you also need written instructions and

step-by-step diagrams; that article also covers three other tie knots: the Half-Windsor, Four-in-Hand, and Pratt tie knots.


  1. I watched your video on the way to my works Christmas party and got it done on the second try. I made the costly error of not leaving enough fat part. A tip I would have recieved had I been able to listen as well but my girlfriend had britney cranked and we were fighting so I wasn’t able to hear your instructions. Well I was so pumped I tied my first tie that I looked up your video again just to give you mad props. I’ll try the tightening thing next time. Thanks man.