Is It Possible to Make Money with Paid Surveys?


How reliable can are paid surveys as a home based income opportunity? If a good number of individuals claimed that they earned not just a small income from it, but often hundreds of dollars per month, there must be some kind of explanation to it.

Can it be the process, the site, or the online workers’ speed?

Let’s take a few aspects point by point.

Definition of online paid surveys

Online paid surveys are surveys conducted by sites in favor of their company clients. These clients would send a particular campaign strategy to the website they choose and these websites would then apply a set of questions that target the specific aspects contracting companies need.

These questions extract from participants several things regarding their products or services. It may include: viability of product, pricing for products, upgrading needs, or simply asking which would provide more value for consumers. Sometimes online survey sites may conduct political or economic surveys.

Data received from paid survey sites is used in upgrading contracting companies’ goods or service delivery and the data generated from paid surveys helps businesses to understand the needs and behavior of target consumers. Contracting companies then pay the services of online survey sites and these survey sites pay their survey takers.

Who is eligible to join online paid surveys?

Anyone can apply at online survey sites, of which there are many, and mostly, registration is totally free. However, there are some requirements that vary from site to site. Here are some restrictions:

  • Applicants from 18 years of age is safe to apply
  • Some sites may require residents of particular countries
  • There are age group categories for some survey campaigns
  • Some require specific income brackets
  • Others demand for male or female genders survey takers only
  • There are some that require mothers, fathers, students, post graduate education and many other categories

Although these restrictions come into view once in a while, the diversity of surveys at hand is huge that allows for more income opportunities. So, if you are not eligible to take a few, there are other options where you can derive earnings.

Eligibility is easy to detect. One can just take time to read the rules to see if they qualify for a survey. At times, the site gives you the go signal to start on the survey after approval of your survey information status.

This eliminates the “not getting paid” scenario wherein survey takers continue on without checking if they fit certain surveys. Thus, when complaints of no payouts ensue, paid survey sites’ reputation is tainted.

How much time is spent for each survey?

Duration of each survey varies as well as it varies in scope and categories. Sometimes, a survey lasts from 20 – 30 minutes while others can take up more than that.

This aspect has become a doubting factor of many survey takers, urging them to claim they have been defrauded of their efforts.

It is better for people who like to embark on this opportunity to know how much time they can spare so as to make their surveys well-thought.

How to find Paid Online Survey Sites

Online survey sites are all over the Internet. However, each one must be cautious when choosing because not all of them pay out the right way. If some provides you with cash, you may receive gifts or other tokens from the rest.

Ask friends where they have derived real money from if you expect to get paid in cash so that you can jump on to sites that will reward you financially. And also, delete sites from your list that require you to pay to register. Those are scammers.

Good sites pay either by check or through PayPal. Although you might want to receive bonus gift checks for a job well done aside from cash, be sure not to exceed the limit so that you won’t shell out a portion of your earnings.

Some survey sites that really pay out cash:

  1. Swagbucks: It has 10 million members and pays survey takers Swagbucks Dollars. Opportunities on this site are enormous so you can opt to play games, search the web, shop online and many other activities aside from doing surveys. Swagbucks can be converted into gift cards or cash, which is paid through PayPal. Surveys take up to 20 minutes each.
  1. Survey Junkie: There is a wide range of consumer topics and interests on SurveyJunkie. Payment is sent via PayPal. Surveys can be from 2 minutes up to 15 minutes.


  1. MySurvey: This site offers points after each completed survey. These points can be exchanged either for vouchers or charity donations. Topics are diverse and range from tourism to media, or food to electronics. Sometimes, a particular survey rewards 100 points and some may be less or more than that. Reaching 345 points entitles you to a £3 PayPal payout and 550 points is equivalent to a £5 Argos voucher. Surveys take 15 – 20 minutes to complete.


  1. Pureprofile: This is another survey site that has a diverse range of survey topics. Payments are based on length of survey although typically, it pays around £2. Money can be redeemed after accruing £25. Duration for each survey is around 20 minutes. Over the time, Pureprofile has gone quite popular.


  1. VIP Voice: Similar to other survey sites, you can become a member of VIPVoice by signing up using your email id and just answering to a couple of simple questions about yourself. A member can earn VIP points for each survey they finish. They can use these points to get various rewards like sweepstakes, prizes and gift vouchers. The surveys are pretty easy to finish and cost nothing to join.


With so many survey sites to choose from, you may earn better if you take on those capable of paying you in cash. Otherwise, for what reason should you spend working using your spare time if it will not provide you with some financial consolation?