Sex Tips for Women

For the wild cat in you!

Today the whole sex life tips over with a single moment of dissatisfaction. So it all comes to satisfying each other. While it is generally told that a women gets satisfied once her G-spot is tweaked,this article is about finding the G-spot of men.While his exhalation is about that one moment of ecstasy,it is the journey to that point of ejaculation makes the love making hot and steamy.

Do not be shy to try different positions,never stick with anything conventional. Go for something that is wild and daring. Try everything from doggy style to spread eagle and also the ever entertaining 69. Always keep him guessing on what are you about to do next. Do a slow strip tease to get him started and continue with a lap dance. Or when he comes home tired from office, be cooking in just an apron and that innocent look on your face. Talk dirty and do dirty.

Try role playing, master and slave is the evergreen one, spank him hard he refuses to serve you.Visit for professional guidance. Read spicy novels and enact the scenes. Read kamasutra together and try the positions in it. Keep a code word for your love making and use it while talking in public,this will increase the fun factor. Touch him in his private parts during a public gathering when others aren’t noticing,within no time you will end up together in bed.

Play a game of chess and every time you lose to your opponent remove a piece of clothing until both of you are stark naked. Wake him up from his sleep with a hot and wet blow job. He will never even bother going to the office. Always keep a set of sexy lingerie in your drawers, you never know when you might be needing them. Share your wildest fantasies together and who knows you both might even have a one in common.

Men do like women who take control,so do not be afraid to tell him what to do. Use a dildo and make him watch and similarly ask him to use a flesh torch while you watch.Play a porno movie and re enact the steamy sequences in your bedroom.Blind fold yourself and fell each other without the help of the visionary nerve.As the vision id blocked the other senses are at their full wake and will make the experience more hot. Take bath together,feel and appreciate each others body.

Leave nasty little notes in his office bag and paste stick-on with graphic pics of your body on his lap top.Give him a call to his work place and put on your best sultry voice,discuss about last nights love making.Download videos of love making and start playing it just as he enters the bed room and you know where will it lead to.

Always let him know that you are satisfied… even when you are not. Fake orgasms do help at times. Visit sites like to watch soft core material, which will keep your sex light glowing and bright. Only love can keep your sex life long and strong. So keep loving and giving.

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If you want to become the best lover he has ever had, then you need to learn these top sex tips today, so you can use them tonight!