Starting a Pet Sitting Business: How To

How To Start a Pet Sitting Business

By Jane Ingraham

More and more people have started to realize that starting a pet sitting business is a wonderful way to earn money and own your own business. It’s a

perfect business for those who love animals. You’ll care for the pets, brush them, feed them and, of course, give them lots of love, hugs and companionship while their owners are away.

An added service you can offer is security for their home while they are gone: turning lights on and off, taking in mail and newspapers, and watering plants.

Even thought it’s a pet service, you must also be a people person. You may have wanted to try your hand at pet sitting because you love animals but having some basic business practices will help.

Your Time Commitment

If you are considering starting your own pet-sitting business, begin with a plan. Figure out exactly what time you have available to take care of pets. Add in driving time to and from their homes. Once you have determined this you will know how to market your services. Do not take on more than you can handle.

Calculate What Price To Charge

Next, find out if others in your area offer pet sitting services and find out how much they charge. You should also check kennels so that you can offer your clients competitive prices. Take into consideration how far you want to travel to pet sit. Too many miles away and the price of gas may be an issue.

Do you want to charge more on holidays? Many pet sitters charge extra fees for holidays, something to consider. And pet sitters are in such demand over the holidays they often find their time has been reserved months in advance. Consider

hiring helpers during this busy time and add another profit boost. But be sure to introduce your assistants to the owners and pets well in advance of the scheduled pet sitting time. Get the owners go-ahead that

your assistant is approved to take care of their pets.

As your business builds, YOU decide how many hours you want to work in a day, a week, a month. The Pet Sitting Business Start-Up Kit shows you how to calculate future income.

Which Pets Will You Sit?

The next thing to do is decide what kinds of pets you want to take care of in your pet sitting business. Some people find it best to work with just small dogs and cats since they require less work and time than larger animals. Some pet sitters take on all types of animals, and that can include everything from hamsters to horses including fish, birds, mice, rabbits and pigs. That’s the wonderful aspect to running your business: you have the freedom to choose exactly which pets you would like to care for.

Dog walking services are now very popular. You’ll exercise and feed the dogs while the owners are away for the day. Or you can start a doggy day care at your own home. Owners drop off their animals at your place so they can be watched over and excercised during the day. This is a great option if you have a big enough yard.

Forms Provide A Written Log of Your Visit

For the most part, those who use a pet sitting service think of their pets as their children, and small things matter a lot to them. You should provide the owners with a daily written report on exactly how you cared for the pets. The owner then sees evidence that you are putting in extra effort and truly caring for their loved family members.

Leave a Welcome Back form to remind the owners to give you a call to let you know they have arrived – make doubly sure not to leave an abandoned pet because the owner missed their flight home!

The Pet Business Is Booming

The pet sitting business is booming. It is a winning proposition for the business owner, the pet owner and the pet. The business owner gets to do what they love and the pet owner knows their pets will be well taken care of and they can go on a business trip or vacation without worry.

Announce Your Business

A professionally written press release can be a boon to your business. Submit it to your local newspapers and you may free advertising for your new pet business. Your area newspaper editor may receive your press release and decide to write a feature story about you and your pet business.

Pet Sitting Start-Up Business Information [] offers a thorough and complete kit for starting a pet sitting business. It contains a comprehensive step-by-step manual for how to begin, how to make your first sales call, your first pet sitting visit and more. It also includes 21 important forms you need to get started pet sitting right away. The kit has ready-made advertising pieces including a professionally written press release you submit for free advertising and much more. The $49. pet sitting business start-up kit also contains includes a wealth of information on the business of running your own pet care business such as finding insurance and bonding just for pet sitters, running a home office, sole proprietorship and business accounting.

Jane Ingraham, a professional designer and business owner, is the owner of and has created all the forms, start-up manual and instructions to get you up and running, and making money, in your pet sitting business. Visit for more information.