Top 10 Vacation Spots For You To Visit


The Top 10 Best Vacation Spots in the World

By Pierre Smith

You can find a lot of locations all over the world that can be viewed as top 10 vacation spots depending on the time of the year and the interests of people going on vacation.

Travelers who enjoy skiing will prefer a place with lots of snow to take part of their favorite sports while other people enjoy the sun and water and lying on the beach may. Others again may prefer to head to overseas destinations and to visit exotic countries, taste native foods,

are more interested to experience history and culture, or enjoy adventure vacations and prefer lesser known destinations off the beaten track as their top vacation spots.

#1 Mexico is on the top place on my list of vacation spots. Because traveling into this country is a perfect combination of historical interest, beautiful beaches and fun on the night life. The stunning scenery of Mexico is so diversified with tropical jungle, mountains, desert, and some marvellous villages and resorts for the tourists. Another point of view is that this country has its own special fascinating history and culture. Another point is that I’m an enthusiast of tasteful Mexican dishes and art as well.

#2 Hawaii, is that beautiful islands in the Pacific Ocean that yearly draws millions of visitors. Probably nearly all of holiday makers come to Hawaii due to its warm hospitality, impressive volcanoes, but first of all by its picturesque beaches.

So it is absolutely easy to understand why Hawaii islands are listed here. One of the greatest benefits of Hawaii is the attraction of being conveniently located in the United States. This makes vacationing to and within Hawaii more comfortable.

#3 Las Vegas is well known all over the world as the capital of entertainment. If you would like to go for an mind-blowing city break with entertainment more than enough, the only thing you have to do is looking for the right vacation package to Vegas. Also renowned as the Sin City, Las Vegas is an attractive paradise and it’s totally legal too. None the less, over the past years, the reputation of Las Vegas has changed fr-om Sin City to a destination that is more oriented to families. Today Las Vegas has to offer slightly something for every visitor.

#4 Walt Disney World is the perfect choice for a family vacation. Every year countless families with their kids are going to Disney World, making it one of the most popular travel spots in the United States. This is why Disney World is a truly magical place, full of clowns, pirates and princesses, and a couple of the most beloved characters well known in the United States. A getaway to Disney World is full of entertainment, laugh, and fun that couldn’t be find on any other location around the globe.

#5 New York
is something that ought to be done at least once in your life, no matter if you are a resident of the US or not. For the metropolis that never sleeps, New York is absolutely a sight to lay eyes on. With the nearly uncounted number of activities you can do and see, you ever leave feeling that you have just scratched only the surface. Most visitors only have a short time frame in the city, so it may be wise to plan your New York vacation carefully, because the city is compact and several places of interest still take time to experience.

#6 Thailand
is one of the most exotic and colorful countries of the world, full of history, culture and adventure I ever visited. When visiting Thailand it is to the best advantage knowing some basic information that will help you to have an unforgettable journey. Thailand, also named The Land of Smiles, because you are welcomed by smiling people for whom friendly service to tourists is a great delight, has a good deal more to offer than any other travel place in that part of Asia. It is the very excellent destination for any type of holiday, activities or relaxation.

#7 Choosing France can end up being the best choice when consider going on vacation to Europe. This country has to travel a lot of stunning places of interest and so many cultural highlights. In this small and central country there are so many activities you can do. The weather is usually friendly. Visiting France is more than only to take in the highlights of Paris, there are numerous smaller cities to experience as well. Especially the countryside still provides a strong feeling of impressions of the Old World.

#8 Los Angeles, also known as the City of Angels, seems very familiar to travelers, even before they get there, because this city is the home for innumerable television shows and movies. A getaway to Los Angeles has truly something for every people. You are in a position to choose between a wide range of accommodations and you’ll find an unbelievable selection of culinary art fr-om around the world, which symbolizes the cosmopolitan nature of LA.

#9 Aruba
is the prime spot in the Caribbean Sea that looks to be something out of a picture show with its sparkling beaches and the first class resorts. Vacationing to Aruba could be a fantastic getaway to relax on an exotic and tropical island while passing on the rest of the world behind and look at the dark-blue ocean while slipping a long cool, drink.

#10 The Grand Canyon
is probably the most popular and natural tourist attraction of the world. The monumental Grand Canyon, about 277 miles long and 18 miles wide, is located in the north-west of Arizona. At its deepest point, it is more than a mile fr-om rim to river. Most of the Canyon lies within the Grand Canyon National Park. It contains three geographically separated regions: the South Rim, the North Rim and the inner Canyon.

I am sure that one of the listed top 10 vacation spots should fit that kind of vacation you are looking for, no matter if you like to have some adventure, a romantic journey, traveling with your family, to experience culture and history of foreign countries or simply to relax.

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  1. Las Vegas, Walt Disney World, Los Angeles, Hawaii, New York, and the Grand Canyon.

    You’re joking, right?

    Six major tourist traps are touted as top ten vacation spots.

    Las Vegas and Walt Disney world alone bilk tourists to the tune of billions of dollars a year.

    New York and Los Angeles are downright hostile to tourists, where many unwitting visitors become the victims of crime and other abuses from the locals.

    Hawaii, is just an island in the middle of Hotel without any real culture or attraction, other than hotel strips and beaches filled with overpriced distractions such as snorkeling or paragliding rentals shops.

    The Grand Canyon is just a hold in the ground that once you have looked into, there is nothing left to do.

    Who paid you to write this crap?

    With so many places in the world more deserving of being in the top ten vacation spots, these are the best you can come up with?

    Somebody must have paid you to promote these hellholes, or you just don’t know the really good places.

  2. defineatly the best places to visit :mrgreen: 😐 😈 😈 ➡ 😯 🙂 😕 😎 👿 😀 💡 😳 😛 🙄 😉 😥 😮 😆 😡 🙁 ❗ ❓