Wedding Hairdos How-To


Wedding Hairdo Tips

By Jennie Amit Gandhi

The day a woman gets engaged she enters a new world of dreams. She starts dreaming of her wedding ceremony, wedding attire, and wedding hairdos. To fulfill the dream of looking beautiful and unique on the wedding day various factors should be taken into consideration.

First most important thin is which stylist to choose. Brides should discus their likes and dislikes with all the possible stylists or hairdressers. After discussing with all the stylists select the best stylist for the wedding day.

She can browse the bridal magazines, catalogues, Internet, etc. for various hairstyles for brides.

There are many cute hairstyles that may look elegant on some but not on all. It’s always advisable to try the hairstyles in advance and see to it that it suits the bride’s facial shape. Other factors that are taken into consideration are the length and texture of the hairs, wedding dress, and wedding accessories like footwear’s, jewellery, etc.

Look around for antique stores for various other accessories as well. Many brides also try to compliment the groom’s outfit. There are so many options with her and she has to choose a style that appeals her, complements her

face and make her appearance light up on her special day. Her style should also complement the mood of the wedding.

Fr-om simple updos to elegant and romantic curls there is a range of hairstyles for long hairs, short hairs and medium length hairs. There are basically five popular hairstyles for wedding day.

The first popular hairstyle is the classic and sophisticated updos. Updos is simply curving the hair upwards towards the crown of the head and arranging in a mass. This style can be highlighted using a tiara or a floral headband.

Another style is to leave the hair lose with curly tresses or waves. Veil or beads can be used to add elegance to the curls.

Not only long hairs but also short hairs can also be beautifully styles up. One of the most common bridal hairstyles for short hair is a soft bob. It can be accentuated with a tiara or jeweled barrette. For short hairs small strands of hairpieces can also be added to bring graceful curls.

Many brides with shoulder length hair are seen with spiral curls. These curls are obtained using tools-curling irons, hot rollers, rag rollers, and Velcro rollers.

An intricate yet simple style is the crown design that is a unique choice for curly hairs. Arrange few strands of the hair on the crown of the head and let the other strands fall down gracefully to the shoulder. Clip sets and beads add to the elegance.

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