11 Celebrities with Healthy and Sexy Haircuts

Chances are you follow a celebrity or two or several dozen on Instagram.

It’s a platform that makes it incredibly easy to keep track of what those celebrities are doing and the changes they make to their hair.

Something we could suppose about some celebrities is that they change hairstyles and colors so often that their hair must be damaged and unhealthy.

However, that’s not always the case. Plenty of celebrities know the importance of keeping their hair healthy.

Keep reading to see our favorite sexy yet healthy haircuts.

1. Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis has always had gorgeous brunette hair. The That 70’s Show star has been known to style it in long beachy waves, but more recently she chopped off a considerable amount of hair. She now sports a long wavy bob, perfect for as the weather warms up. Find a tutorial on how to style a lob or a bob.

2. Margot Robbie


When she’s not sporting pink and blue hair like in Suicide Squad, you can find Margot Robbie with beautiful, sun-kissed blonde locks. Luckily, the harsh coloring from her supervillain movie doesn’t seem to have damaged her hair. Recently, she’s been rocking a long wavy bob, although she’s been known to let her hair get to slightly below shoulder length, too.

3. Lily James

Lily James first got on our radars through Downton Abbey and Cinderella, both featuring her as a girl with thick, volumized blonde hair. While blonde is her natural and go-to color, James has been known to switch over to brunette every now and again. Most recently at the BAFTAs, she showed off her healthy, slightly wavy blonde hair.

4. Kate Middleton

Image Credit – her.ie

I don’t know about you, but the Duchess of Cambridge’s hair is my #hairgoal. Kate Middleton’s thick, mid-length brunette hair is all I ever aspire to. You can tell how incredibly healthy it is (does she have a secret hair mask?) thanks to the fact that she hardly does anything to it. All she needs is a slight curl from a clipless curling iron, and she’s good to go.

5. Julianne Hough

Picture Credit http://juliannehough.com/

Julianne Hough has long been known for her sexy dance moves on Dancing with the Stars. Attached to her firecracker dance moves is her light blonde hair. Hough has gone between long and short styles with her signature blonde locks. Although, these days you’ll see her rocking sexy, tousled red hair as she tries out the “new Jules.”

6. Nina Dobrev

Image Credit – http://www.stylecatchup.pk/

If you watched the Vampire Diaries, you likely know about Nina Dobrev’s (aka Elena Gilbert’s) long, dark brunette hair. The actress hardly strayed from her pin-straight hairstyle. Once the Vampire Diaries wrapped up, Dobrev chopped off her locks and still owns that look today. You can find her with a blunt bang and short bob (still brunette). It looks like she’ll even let it air dry occasionally, resulting in slight waves.

7. Kerry Washington










There’s one thing Kerry Washington’s known for, and I bet it’s not what you’d expect. That is she’s not shy from changing up her hairstyle. She has gone from long, straight hair to a short bob with a blunt bang. Late last year she even featured an afro.

8. Hailee Steinfeld

Image Credit – http://www.mtv.co.uk/

Something to be jealous of is Hailee Steinfeld’s incredibly versatile brunette hair. One minute she has tight curls done up 70s style and the next it’s straight as an arrow. She’s transitioned between many brunette shades over the course of her career and most recently sported light brunette waves at the Grammy’s.

9. Rihanna

Image Credit – Energy106.ca

Rihanna’s hair is like that of a mermaid or goddess. It’s long, wavy, and regal. In particular, we’re thinking about her half-updo that made her waves cascade down her shoulders and back. Granted, her hair doesn’t always look like that. She’s dyed her hair red, blonde, and ombre over the years but she always seems to come back to her natural hair.

10. Kate Hudson

Image Credit – Hello Magazine

Nothing says healthy hair like chopping it all off. Perhaps Kate Hudson thought of that when she cut off her long blonde locks and moved to a pixie cut. By chopping off her hair, Hudson can focus on keeping the new hair healthy and strong for when it grows back out.

The key takeaway here is that sexy celebrity hairstyles and healthy hair aren’t mutually exclusive. These celebrities all have healthy looking hair despite changing their styles and colors frequently.

11. Shay Mitchell

Image Credit – Popstar Magazine

Shay Mitchell has maintained the same long, dark brunette hairstyle pretty much since she made it big with Pretty Little Liars. Her long hair is super versatile that can be styled into long sexy curls or parted in a deep side part for a sleek look.