15 Celebrity Extreme Weight Loss Transformations

Take a look at these celebrities who decided to start a healthier lifestyle with diet and exercise and transform their bodies.

1. Christina Aguilera

The pop singer has seen some serious weight fluctuations from the time she gained the spotlight in 1998 to after giving birth to her two children. She quickly lost the baby weight and became her super-svelte self after her first born. However, after the birth of her second child, Christina weighed nearly 200 pounds. This was when she decided to make herself the priority and took the healthy approach to lose weight slowly.

2. Zach Galifinakis

The Hollywood’s favorite bearded fat man is not chubby anymore. The 47-year old has managed to drop 60 pounds in a little over 6 months with help from nutritionist and trainer. He worked out regularly, managed to curb his sweet tooth and did not rely on short-term solutions like stimulants and fad diets. He focused on a healthier lifestyle with wholesome meal and regular exercise.

3. Drew Carey

Price is Right host Drew Carey dropped 100 pounds in just 10 months. This extreme transformation improved his health and personality and he no longer needed to take his type 2 diabetes medication. Drew took charge of his health problems and turned to a diet with more protein, vegetables and fruits along with intense cardio workout six times a week.


The loveable, cooking show host shed 40 pounds after she was diagnosed with Diabetes and decided to fight it out. Instead of her southern comfort foods, the celebrity chef has moved to baked dishes and salads. She made small lifestyle changes, is now more aware of what she eats and has managed to transform the whole Deen family into their fitter self.

5. Jennifer Hudson

The Oscar-winning actress and singer has truly inspired us with her weight loss journey. Now a Weight Watchers spokesperson, Jennifer lost 80 pounds after she joined the program and is now helping fight both obesity and hunger through the organization. The Grammy-award winner has managed to keep the weight off for the past three years and has turned fab with the amazing transformation from a size 16 to a 6.

6. Oprah Winfrey

The media mogul and talk show host Oprah has been known to battle her own weight loss issues for decades. However, once she became a Weight Watchers shareholder, advertiser as well as client, she lost dozens of pounds and managed to keep it away. She has made the weight loss appear manageable and inspired many.

7. Mama June Shannon

Mama June Shannon has had a dramatic transformation losing about 150 pound in one year. Her journey isn’t over yet as she continues to lose weight in 2016 and hopes to get her extra skin removed as she appeared on Botched and talked to doctors there.

8. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was under a lot of pressure after her pregnancy with 50 pounds of baby weight. Now a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, she said that she lost the weight the good old way by dieting and exercising.

9. Kelly Osbourne

After a stint on the Dancing with the Star, the British singer, actress and Ozzy’s daughter lost 50 pounds and got fit. She turned from an emotional eater and a drug addict to a confident person who finally started loving her body. Once she hung her dancing shoes, she teamed up with a trainer to keep the weight from coming back. She has now adopted a healthier lifestyle and emphasizes on the importance of eating right.

10. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is known to be a notorious yo-yo dieter and is constantly under media spotlight for her weight. She has confessed to starving herself to look good and lose weight. However, always gained the weight right back as soon as she started eating again. At 47, she has now made drastic changes to her eating habits. She has cut down on junk food and sticks to pescatarian diet and works out regularly.

11. Seth Rogen

The chubby Hollywood comedian has undergone quite the transformation by losing around 30 pounds in 9 months. He not only looks healthier but also charming. He has switched to intense training and eating a nutrient dense diet with high fiber and low glycemic content.

12. Renee Zellweger

Renee, who has been known for her role in Bridget Jones has gained and lost weight for her roles. She famously embarked on a 4000 calories-a-day diet to gain the extra pounds, as she prepared herself to play the role, and achieved her extraordinary physique back quickly once the filming was over. She dropped from size 14 to size 6 in 9 months on a high-protein and low-fat diet. Renee is a running devotee and sticks to her grueling 2-hour workout 6 days a week.

13. Kirstie Alley

This list would be incomplete without listing Kirstie who has always been battling with weight loss and seen a fair share of weight-loss ups and downs through the years. She even partnered with Jenny Craig to briefly see some success. Once she was off the program, she tipped the scales weighing in at 230 pounds. Now finally at 60, she seems to have finally won her battle and looks great.

14. Sara Rue

The Rules of Engagement star shed 50 pounds since signing in as the spokesperson for Jenny Craig. She has now learnt to eat healthy and maintains her size 6 frame.

15. Jonah Hill

Funny man Jonah Hill stunned the world when he lost 50 pounds before his major role in Hollywood movie 21 Jump Street. He started counting calories and working out to shed the weight. However, there has been some fluctuations lately owing to his weakness for beer and high-carb diet.

These days, nothing precedes health and fitness for celebrities and athletes. After all they have to stay in the business.