50 Weirdest People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

The world around us is quite diverse and full of wonders!!! This sentence will definitely make much more sense after you have a look at these 50 amazing and actually unbelievable people. From a man who can eat almost anything and everything to a self-proclaimed God, these might sound like fictional characters to you at first but believe me they are very much real!

1. The man with the biggest mouth:

Francisco Domingo Joaquim proudly holds the record of being a man with the world’s widest mouth (measuring 17 cms). This man from Angola can easily fit some large things in his mouth, from his wallet to a Coca- Cola can.

2. Permanent Salute to God:

Sadhu Amar Bharati has raised his right hand in a permanent salute to Lord Shiva, since the year 1973. He wanted to give up the life of comfort and completely devote himself to his religious beliefs. Sadhu Amar has kept his arm raised since that and the effects are easily visible.

3. The girl with X-rays eyes:

Natasha Demkina from Russia has made an unbelievable claim that she can see right into people’s insides. Some of her accurate medical diagnosis has shut down most of her critics.

4. The one with a few extra teeth:

Vijay Kumar, a native of India possesses a total of 37 teeth, which is 5 more than the 32 teeth normal adult humans have.

5. The Airport Man:

Mehran Karimi Nasseri is a refugee from Iran who spent 18 years of his life in the departure lounge of Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. His story was the major inspiration behind the 2004 movie The Terminal.

6. Girl with the longest dreadlocks:

Asha Mandela has managed to maintain her exceptionally long dreads, measuring over 19 feet long, for over some decades now.

7. Thinnest waist- Michele Kobke:

Michele Kobke is a twenty six year old from Germany who has taken her obsession for a thin waist to an unbelievable new level. The task has not been easy either, for in order to shrink her waist down to the present sixteen inches from twenty five inches, she had to wear a corset every day for three years. And, she is still not satisfied, wanting to further cut her waist size down to fourteen inches.

8. Alive, but officially dead!:

Lal Bihari, a farmer from Uttar Pradesh, had to fight with the Indian government for 18 long years to prove that he is alive. He was officially dead between 1975 and 1994.

9. Mr. Eat It All:

Frenchman Michel Lotito has eaten nine tons of metal in the past forty years. He suffered from a mental disorder in which people tend to eat non-food items. Gradually he started experimenting with what all he can consume and the results were astonishing. He ultimately got his name registered into history as a man who ate everything, before he passed away in 2007 due to natural causes.

10. Merman:

33 year old Laflin who lives in Los Angeles, dresses up like a Merman and has sice adopted the name Merman Jax.

11. Youngest Mother:

Lina Medina was born and brought up in Peru and holds this unique title of being the youngest girl in history to give birth to a child. She gave birth to her Gerardo when she was five years old. The birth was facilitated by a caesarean, owing to her small pelvis.

12. One who carried his twin brother in his stomach:

Bhagat, a resident of Nagpur, India had to be rushed to hospital in the year 1999 as his stomach had swelled to an unbelievable size, making it extremely difficult for him to breathe even. To his and everybody’s amazement the doctors found the half-formed body of his twin brother that was never born inside Bhagat’s stomach. Bhagat had a rare medical condition known as Fetus in fetu, in which a fetus gets trapped inside its twin.

13. Sleepless man:

Thai Ngoc from the Central Quang Nam province hasn’t slept since the year 1973, after he got a fever. This truly seems miraculous and unbelievable to most of us, but his inability to sleep has definitely made him popular and also worthy of a scientific study.

14. Kaleem- boy with large-sized hands:

According to doctors, this small Indian boy suffers either from hamartoma or lymphangioma. Due to this medical condition he has got enormous hands, which are so huge that he is not able to carry out even the smallest of tasks.

15. Fang teeth:

So, one day Marie Jose Cristerna, a young American girl decided to change her appearance/look with tattoos and other things. But the most striking change was her fanged-teeth i.e. sharper, pointer teeth. With this, she definitely managed to bring about a significant change in a looks!

16. Tree Man:

Koswara developed this condition in which bark-like warts began growing constantly around his body due to a rare fungal infection called Epidemodyplasia verruciformis. This cost this construction worker a great deal as he subsequently lost his family, job as well as independence.

17. World War II took 30 more years to get over for this man:

Hiroo Onoda was a World War II Japanese soldier who stayed in the jungles of Guam for thirty years believing that the war was still not over. He only agreed to surrender when Major Yoshimi Taniguchi personally gave him the orders to do so.

18. Largest Breasts ever:

Annie Hawkins Turner owns the largest natural breasts in the world, measuring 109.22 cm (43 inch) and wears a bra size of 102ZZZ.

19. Most tatted man:

Lucky Diamond Rich’s appearance says that he loves tattoos more than anything else. He has tattoos all over his body (100%) and no doubt holds the biggest records for the most tattoos in the body. Rich went so crazy about it that he did not even spare his foreskin, eyelids and even the insides of his mouth.

20. Miss Flexible:


Zlata, a gymnast from Russia is so flexible that she has a world record in her name for her ability to fit in really small boxes.

21. Eye Pop:

Kim Goodman is a world record holder for eye-popping. This might sound strange, but is nevertheless true as Goodman can pop her peepers 0.47 inches out of her eye sockets.

22. Man with the Largest Nose:

Mehmet Ozyurek is a Turkish man who has the largest recorded nose in the world, measuring 3.46 inches.

23. Half-Head Man:

Carlos was not born with this unique feature. In fact his story is quite sad a she lost a big portion of his brain and skull in a freakish car accident. He flew through a car windshield and hit the pavement, after which he was left with only half portion of his brain.

24. Man with the longest hair:

Vietnamese herbalist Tran Van Hay, who passed away in 2010, was known as the man with the longest hair in the world. His wife claimed that to achieve his aim he didn’t go for a haircut for more than five decades and also washed it just a few times.

25. Barbie Girl:

Valeria Lukyanova got so obsessed with Barbie’s that she decided to become one! Yes, she even went under the knife and followed strict dietary rules and rigorous gym sessions to transform herself into the Human Barbie.

26. Strongest man:

Savickas dreamed of becoming the strongest man in the world ever since he was 14 years old. He did finally achieve his dream and has since been the winner of every competition that he joined in.

27. World’s Smallest girl:

Charlotte Garside is seven years old and weighs just nine pounds. Even her pet rabbit outweighs her. But despite being so small, Charlotte’s brain functions perfectly.

28. World’s Hairiest Girl:

The girl with most hairs in the world is a teenager from Thailand, named Supatra “Nat” Sasupan. Although she faces some difficulty due to this rare condition, but she is still happy and content with the way she is.

29. The woman with three breasts:

Although Alisha Hessler claims to have a third breast, her critics are still skeptical about it as some thermal imaging camera footage suggests it’s not true.

30. One with extra large tongue:

Apart from being an artist and comedian from California, Nick Stoeberl has the longest tongue in the world, which measures 10.1 cm.

31. Worlds Hairiest Man:

Yu Zhenhuan is popularly referred to as the Monkey Man, and understandably so, as 96% of his body is covered with hair, the remaining 4% being his palms and feet soles.

32. Man with a Silver Skin:

Stan Jones skin seems blue at first sight, but it is actually silver in color. The reason behind this is all the more fascinating as he ingested huge amounts of colloidal silver in order to look this way.

33. Real life replica of Hulk:


Romario Dos Santos Alves is a Brazilian body builder who injected his arms with a combination of oil and alcohol to achieve grotesquely swollen muscles.

34. Most Tattoed Woman:

Julia Gnuse is a huge tattoo fan, and you will get to know this with just one look at her. She started it to cover up her medical skin condition, but soon it turned into a hobby or obsession, so much so that at present 96% of her skin has been tattooed.

35. Largest Man:

Patrick Deuel is no doubt the biggest man in the world as he loves eating more than anything else in the world. Even after having undergone liposuction and gastric bypass surgery, he still weighs a hefty 560 pounds, mainly because food is his biggest weakness.

36. The Japanese Jesus Christ:

Mitsuo Matayoshi is a Japanese political activist who believes he is God and Christ. His conviction is so strong that he even developed a particular concept of Christianity and established the World Economic Community Party.

37. Most Pierced Woman:

Elaine Davidson got her skin pierced for the first time in 1997, and since then she could hardly stop herself from doing it almost innumerable times. By the year 2006, she had a total of 4,225 piercings on her body.

38. Constantly Aroused Woman:

Gryce is 24 years old and has Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, because of which she is constantly aroused. The shocking thing is that she can have as much as 10 orgasms within an hour. This can’t get any wilder!

39. Fat-less Man:

Most people in this world want to lose fat from their body. But Tom Staniford is different. His body is not able to store any fat due to an incredibly rare medical condition, known as Myelodysplastic Preleukemic. Apparently, there are only eight people in this world with this condition. Although he appears anorexic, but Tom leads quite a normal life and is a professional cyclist based in London.

40. Man who claims to be Pope:

David Allen Bawden is an American citizen and a claimant to the Papacy, and has been elected by six people, which includes himself and his family. He and his believers claim that there has been no legitimate pope since 1958.

41. Strecthiest Skin:

Garry Turner, a British national suffers from a rare medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which enables him to stretch the skin of his stomach to 6.35 inches.

42. Turtle Boy:

Didier Montalvo has a giant mole disease which gave him the tag of “Turtle Boy” as a large mole spread throughout his back and weighed 20% of his entire body weight.

43. Shortest man in the world:

Chandra Bahadur Dangi measures only one foot and nine inches, making him the smallest man in the world. His other four siblings are also quite short but he is the shortest of them all.

44. World’s Smallest woman:


Jyote Amage is presently the smallest woman in the world. She made an appearance in The American Horror Story: The Freak Show. She is just two feet one inch high.

45. The one with the widest hips:


Mikel Ruffinelli’s hips measure an astonishing 2.4 meters in circumference. She is a mother of four and her body has this unbelievable ability to expand to such great dimensions after giving birth.

46. Longest nails:


Christine Walton holds the world record of the longest fingernails on a woman pair of hands. She has eleven feet long nails.

47. Mr. Freeze:


Wim Hof, a Dutchman has been nicknamed the Iceman for his mind blowing ability to withstand below freezing point temperatures. He once submerged himself in ice for one hour and fifty-two minutes.

48. The real Daredevil:

Eskil Ronningsbakken is an artist from Norway who travels all around the world to give death-defying balancing performances on top of cliffs and canyons.

49. Car “Lover”:

Edward Smith from Washington shocked the world with his claim that he had sex with more than a thousand cars. He lives in his 1967 Volkswagen Beetle and considers it his girlfriend.

50. Woman with Huge legs:

Mandy Sellars has extremely large legs, weighing a whopping 95 kg, due to a rare proteus syndrome.