Breaker Box Wiring – How To Wire A Breaker Box Correctly

One of the main features of modern home include the use of Breaker box whose unique way of wiring improves the functioning of modern lives. Breaker box and its unique ways of wiring has helped mankind for more than a century in providing houses, factories, offices, machines and other electronics devices with electricity.

Firstly, the question arises: what is a breaker? A breaker is an automatic electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by over load or short circuit. It is used to detect any fault conditions in the inflow of electric current by discontinuing the flow of electric current and therefore protect its subsidiary circuit from any kind of damage since damage can be caused even by the slightest disturbance. Or in other words, it is a component which controls the flow of electricity to every part of the room. Hence, a breaker box is simply a box that contains the breaker and its subsidiary circuits with wires and switches.

Electrical breaker, also known as circuit breaker was invented by Charles Grafton Page in the year 1936. He found that the inflow of high voltage to provide electricity to a certain places can cause unwanted damages unless some kind of mechanism is provided to break the flow of electric current as and when it is required. Thus, a breaker box and its wiring was implemented with the growth of technology and inventions.

Breaker Box WiringSince breaker box wiring is very unique in its own way,the mechanisms involved in breaker box wiring is not something that everyone understands and hence one should not try to assemble,connect or repair it without proper knowledge as the slightest mistake can cause severe damage to the house and nearby areas.

Although there are different types of breaker boxes depending upon the amount of voltage,there is a common feature among all the types in that the main live wire which comes into houses, industries, factories and offices is connected into the breaker box.

The breaker divides the voltage and separates them to a different wire with an automatic switch. This automatic switch which connects with the breaker then supplies electricity or current to different parts of the room or area. The Automatic switch in the breaker box controls the inflow of electricity and protects people and property from electrical shocks and fire hazards.

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Breaker box wiring, unlike a fuse with its wire which once used has to be replaced manually in case of over load or a short circuit, can be reset, either manually or automatically without necessarily replacing the switch. The switch which is attached with the subsidiary circuit or wires, automatically controls the flow of electricity and can go “Off and On” automatically according to the situation of the inflow of the electricity.

Taking safety measures is a must when working with any type of electrical devices and its outlet. Extra precautions or safety measures should be taken especially when utilising a breaker box wiring as the box houses a lot of electrical voltage. Also, when utilising a circuit breaker box wiring, it is extremely important to understand and know about all of the wires and devices associated within the area that one is working on. One touch of a live wire is all it takes for a fatal accident. Hence one must make sure that one have the right gear to do the job. If you are not sure of what you are doing, it is always advisable to call an electrician.