Circuit Breaker Box – Protect Your Home With A Breaker Box


A breaker box is a box which consists of an electrical circuit breaker used in electrical wiring at your homes and your work places. It keeps the electrical circuit running smoothly. In other words it is also known as distribution board or a panel board. Further ahead we would learn what a circuit breaker box is and why it plays an important role in the electrical wiring in your homes and your work places. The circuit breaker box is known for its safety.


The major significance of a circuit breaker box is that it prevents electrical fire from occurring in your home and your work places. Whenever there is an overload or short circuit, this circuit breaker will automatically trip, and prevent any additional power from going onto the circuit.

If you compare a circuit breaker to the old fuse technology, when a circuit breaker trips, you can go back and reset it; whereas in the fuse technology, you wouldn’t be able to.

A circuit breaker box comes in different sizes according to the amount of amps needed. For washers, dryers, freezers etc, it will require a larger circuit breaker to handle the electrical current


There is a main breaker on the top which is also called “Double Pole Service Disconnect”. You can recognize the main breaker from its two thick black wires from the electrical meter. You can use this main breaker to power all the circuit at one time. The main breaker will have a number on it which determines the capacity of amps.
100 amps is the minimum and 150 amps are mostly used.

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Circuit Breaker Box There are many circuits inside the breaker box. Each circuit has its own separate circuit breaker. There are a number of 15 amps, 20 amp type of circuit breaker. And there is also additional one with some little white square with an ‘x’ on it. These are GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) circuit breaker and these are meant for bathroom, kitchen, basement, garages etc. Even a slightest change of current would cause them to trip thus preventing the threat of injuring or even the threat of death to an individual.


Low voltage types are commonly used in domestic and industrial application, like the ones that you use at your home or your work places. It is used for appliances less than 1000 A.

If your circuit breaker trips, it is quite easy to fix. All you need to do is open the breaker box and check which one of the circuit it tripped.

To determine if your circuit has been tripped you will see a circuit breaker switch handles and if the handle is towards the centre of the panel then it is on and if it’s away from the centre it is off. All you need to do is to push the circuit breaker handle towards the centre of the panel. Not all breaker arrangements are the same. In other breaker you would have to turn the handle downwards to switch it off or turn the handle upwards to switch it on.

Therefore a circuit breaker box is a safety device which prevents any overload of electricity in a circuit. Hence it is widely used in places like homes and work places.