Burning Laser How-To: Make a burning laser pointer | 2 different methods


Alright, today we’ve got two different methods of making your own burning laser pointer at home in very little time at very little or even absolutely no expense whatsoever (if you’ve already got a low-power

green laser pointer you can modify you won’t have to spend a penny). The first one presumes that you’ve got a low-power green laser pointer (these are relatively inexpensive these days–cheapest one I see on Amazon is this one for $14.92) that you’re going to modify by disassembling it and disabling the power-limiter component on it with

a soldering iron (you need a soldering iron, yes). The second one shows you how to construct a very powerful laser pointer out of a small Maglite flashlight (the kind that runs off of 2 AA’s) and the laser diode from a DVD burner. This one happens to be my favorite because it’s SO easy to get ahold of a DVD drive (must be able to write/burn DVD’s) for either VERY cheap or for free–if you’ll get a broken one from a dump or off Ebay, odds are excellent that the diode works just fine and it’s something else that’s broken, those diodes almost never break, it’s almost always some type of moving part (i.e. a motor) within the drive that broke, or you can just buy a used-but-working one for VERY little.

Method #1: Modified low-power green laser pointer

Here’s the first method. Remember, you’re going to need:

  • An inexpensive low-power green laser pointer.
  • A pair of pliers (he uses a pair of needle-nose ones)
  • A set of micro screwdrivers.
  • A soldering iron.

Here’s what to do:

Method #2: Modified DVD burner diode + Maglite

One of the cool things about this one is that DVD drives use several different colored lasers, depending on how old your drive is and

what brand it is, it could be either green, blue, or red (as show in the video). I suspect you could get this to run off of any type of flashlight that you want, including some of the bigger Maglites, but I don’t know why you’d want to as the small AA one is perfect for this.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A small Maglite (takes 2 AA’s–they sell these things EVERYWHERE, very cheap like 5 or 10 bucks or so).
  • A DVD burner (he says 16x, I suspect you could go lower or higher and as long as it can actually BURN DVD’s, it’ll work).
  • A set of micro screwdrivers.
  • A housing for the laser (you can get the one he recommends here)
  • Soldering Iron
  • Here’s what to do:

    Additional Resources and Further Reading

    The best place to go for research and asking questions about doing this sort of stuff is the Candlepower Lasers Forum.

    Instructables.com has a whole area dedicated to laser pointer projects that’s got tons of stuff in it with 232 members as of now.

    HacknMod.com has a really cool pages with 6 different laser pointer projects/hacks.


  1. soo i bought a green laserpointer 5mw 532 nm i assume and its a little different than your laser in your video im trying to find the component to heat up to make it a 100 mw green laser was very interested in your project, cant seem to find wut to heat up not sure what Q1 C2 R4 R5 and R8 mean help please.

  2. the first method where u turn the green lazer into one by tightening the screw and burning the one part, will that work with a cheep little 2 dollar red lazer from walmart? runs off of four little watch-battery like things?

  3. Alex, the laser he used will probably have different markings than your laser. Gary, I just dissasembled my $2 laser and, no, it won’t work.

  4. ok i was just wondering about the screwdrivers on the second one if there is a specific set that would help more than another?

  5. Which diode # do I have to burn out. Your video was a little blurry to see which one it was. I have a green laser pointer that uses 2 aaa’s

  6. see idk if it can actually burn them. i know its got a dvd reader, but the burner i guess ill have to find out

  7. omg!!!!!!!!!!! i love pie to but i like pumpkin pie the most and then lemon pie and and almost eny other pie aslong as it has whip creem on it………….. ohyea the laser worked good shut up mom im wrighting stuff what no! im not looking at porn

  8. hey where can i get a pen like yours??? &ndd gary does it really work with a 2 dollar wal mart laser… what kind of brand laser is it on the video??

  9. hey gary does it really work with a 2 dollar walmart laser??? &ndd what brand laser is it on the video… its to blurry where do you get it

  10. Where can we find an aixiz laser housing nowadays? I looked on the aixiz site and couldn’t find any. Which kind specifically should we get? And the link above the video doesn’t work anymore either.

  11. Hi. does the torch hve to be from maglite or can it be different cmpany that uses 2 AA cells. An one more thing. Can you possibly send me some detail on what wire goes where when attaching the diode from the laser to the torch. where do you get the laser housing??
    Oh yeah who the hell is the guy talking about pie????

  12. Jeez guys, maybe you shouldn’t do this mod at all?

    Any knife with fine point will work as screwdriver.

    Soldering iron. Just heat any thick piece of metal with a lighter ’till it’s red hot and use it instead.

    Laser Housing. Just use any $2 china-made laser pointer.

    Power source. Any 3Volt power source will work. Kipkay uses two AA batteries (1.5volt each).

    Enjoy your new burning laser. And remember, you can get tens of thousand dollar fines or go to jail for using burning laser on someone or flashing it in someones eye.
    You are not even allowed to carry powerful laser, learn your local law regarding lasers.

  13. I got the diode out of the dvd burner so it looks like the 20 second mark but i can’t get it down to the 26 second mark. there are two screws that seem to be solderer in place or glued with a bluish substance. Any tip for getting those screws out or another way to remove the diode?

  14. I am a rookie at this kind of this stuff so I just want to know how to make a simple laser burner, enough power to light a match from any where around 10 to 15 yards all under a budget of $30 to $45 dollars

  15. Method 1 doesn’t mention what amount of watts, volt and heat of the soldering iron.
    Also, I noticed a commenter saying a $2 laser doesn’t work. Is there a way to determine the laser before I attempt the soldering so I don’t ruin it? Itsa a 5mW 405nM Violet/Blue Laser with two AAA Batteries for power.

  16. I have a laser diode out of a laptop and the wires coming out are extremely short and I don’t know what to do or what I need to get it going. Am looking for things I need. Would be very helpful if someone could give me some websites or places to go 🙂 thank you