Do LED Grow Light Work?

Yes.  LED grow lights work, and they work well.  How well?  Well there is the big question that has been thrown around.  LED lights are becoming very popular components in Hydroponic gardening systems. Many people choose to use LED grow lights over other grow light products not necessarily because they work better, but because, for the moment, they are one of the most environmentally friendly grow light options out there.  LED grow lights use a lower wattage, and aim a more concentrated beam on the subjects of their grow light needs, and last much longer than other bulbs- thus better utilizing the materials they are made of.

The downside to LED grow lights has nothing at all to do with how well they light and help hydroponic plants to grow.  The downside comes from the facts that LED grow lights are expensive.  They are very price, especially the kinds made specifically for the plants you are growing.  They are also much harder to find than other kinds of grow lights.  They aren’t found in all department stores, and sometimes have to be special ordered for replacement parts.

So, do LED grow lights work?  Yes.  They do.  Do LED grow lights work better than other grow lights on the market? Not really, no. LED grow lights work just as well as the other grow lights you might find for hydroponic plant systems or other indoor gardening projects, but there certainly hasn’t been any information or research brought forth to suggest that they are any better than other grow lights.

When you go about deciding whether or not to use LED grow lights for your hydroponic system needs, your considerations will not likely be about whether or not LED grow lights work- because they do.  The decision will be based on whether or not you want to invest in a grow light that is more environmentally friendly and responsible than other grow light options.

You will also want to note that since LED grow lights don’t work any differently on plants than other grow lights, you can switch to and from LED grow lights at an time during the life span of your hydroponic plants without causing any damage at all to them.  This means that if you would like to utilize LED grow lights in your hydroponic plants system, but don’t have the funds available to invest in them when you are putting out money to create your system, you can simply purchase the more cost effective grow lights at the time, and save up to upgrade to the LED grow lights later on.

The moral of this article is that while LED grow lights to in fact work and have some unique benefits, those benefits are not really for your plants, so you will not harm or jeopardize your plants in any way by going with a different grow light system.