How Does Light Effect How Plants Grow in Hydroponics?


One of the big reasons people enjoy creating hydroponics systems in their homes is that it takes the guess work out of a lot of the gardening that happens in more traditional settings.  Having more full control over so many elements that can harm plants makes hydroponics gardening something that anyone can be successful in no matter how black they think their thumb might be.  However, if there is one thing that many hydroponics gardeners suffer from, it is the wrong light exposure for their plants.  How does light effect how plants grow?  That is a very good question.

Plants get their energy from a few sources.  Water, soil, and sunlight.  Hydroponics gardening combines two of these by oxidizing water and making it nutrient rich so that plants don’t need the soil.  However, no amount of minerals in water can compensate for the lack of sunlight, because there is a unique process that happens in plants that can only be accomplished through light.  That process is photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is the process whereby plants receive energy and are able to produce within themselves the glucose and carbohydrates needed to grow and flourish, and oftentimes reproduce.  The best source of light will always be the sun.  That is the same for you and I as well.  The sun provides not just the light we need, but heat and select vitamins that are given through the UV rays of the sun.

However, that is not the only source we can use to promote photosynthesis within our hydroponics systems.  You can place your system by a window where it will be able to receive direct sunlight, which is the best and cheapest option- but if this is not something you can do, then consider purchasing a special grow light for your hydroponics system.

There are traditional grow lights that are like heat lamps.  They work to mimic the UV rays of the sun.  There are also some LED grow light systems out there that are not as powerful as the UV grow lights, but can be just as effective if used correctly.  The benefit of LED grow lights is that they last longer- MUCH longer than other bulbs and are more environmentally friendly.  They are, however, much more expensive, so you will have to decide for yourself if that works for you.

How does light effect how plants grow?  The simple answer is only positively.  Plants love light.  The more light they receive, the happier they will be, and the better they will grow.  It is not necessary to place plants under total light all of the time, but in a hydroponics system where you are controlling all other growth elements, why not take advantage of the opportunity to stimulate extra growth by boosting that photosynthesis process to the full extent.  Your plants will love it, and you will love how quickly they begin producing for you.