Where to Get Indoor Plant Grow Lights in Dearborn


When looking for something as seemingly random as an indoor plant grow light system, it can be confusing to know where to look.  This is unfortunate as many people with successful hydroponics systems have credited the success of their systems to the grow lights they use.

Fortunately for you, we know where to get indoor plant grow lights in Dearborn and anywhere else.  This list should give you a good idea of where to look, and how simple it will be to find what you are looking for. Some of these options will be available in your area while others will not.

The point of this list is to show you that thre are lots of different places to look for LED grow lights, and very few of them will offer just LED grow lights.  Many of them will deal in selling much more than just the bits and pieces you need for hydroponics gardening systems.

  1. Hardware Stores:  Don’t laugh.  The hardware store is not just for nails and hammers.  Many of them offer very high tech equipment for things light your hydroponics system.  Your local hardware stores often have all the gardening tools you will need.  With the surge in hydroponics popularity, many of these hardware stores have begun carrying grow light systems along with all the other supplies you will need to have a successful hydroponics gardening system.  Ask a manager at your hardware store to see if they have what you need.  If you want to avoid a fruitless trip, then we suggest making a phone call down to the hardware store.  This way you can find out whether or not they have grow lights in stock, and if those are the systems you want.
  2. Gardening Stores: Stores like IFA or the FFA commission or Cal Ranch all carry LED grow lights for things like gardening and animal incubation.  If you have one of these stores in your area, then we can almost ensure they will have some kind of indoor plant grow lights for you to choose from.  Look through their gardening section first, but if you don’t see it there, then look through the part for animal incubation.  Many chicks are raised under the warmth of LED grow lights, and these lights can offer your plants the same growing motivation.  They may not be the most high tech and exciting grow light systems, but they should get the job done, and they will also be more affordable than other more complicated systems.  You could give them a call as well to avoid a trip there without getting what you want.
  3. Science or Chemistry Providers: Many towns have companies stocked with things needed in science and chemistry classrooms.  LED grow lights come in handy for all kinds of things connected with science and chemistry.  They may not have the exact system you are looking for, but they might also have some different options you hadn’t considered when first looking for indoor plant grow lights in Dearborn or anywhere else.  These stores are usually located near the industrial parts of town as those are the areas where chemical and scientific supplies can be useful as well.
  4. The Local College: If you have a college or university nearby, then keep an eye out for any kind of surplus sale from them.  College horticulture programs go through their LED grow lights all the time to find better replacements and even out the playing field for all of their students.  You could even call or e-mail an administrator with the college to find out when these sales will be or to find out if they have any that they would be willing to sell or donate before the next big sale.  If you have ever taken a horticulture course at a college, then talk to the professor you had to see if they know where you can go to find some.  If you talk your project up enough and let them know how inspiring they were, they might even know where you can take a few spares they are not using.  Most professors love knowing that what they introduced is still being used.   Take advantage of this when you can.
  5. Ranches and Farms: It is not just home gardeners that have taken to hydroponic gardening and this new trend of sans soil harvesting.  Many ranchers and farmers have begun experimenting with it as well to see if they can find a way make it work for them.  If you have any contact with farmers or ranchers in your area, then they will probably have some LED grow lights they will be willing to sell.  Even if they aren’t willing to sell them to you, chances are they will know where you can go to find the lights they have been happy with.  Another plus to this is that farmers and ranchers generally know how to get good deals on their equipment.  These men know what they are doing and can give you lots of suggestions on how to make your garden work well.

The Internet: We put this last on the list not because it is our last choice, but because we think it is the best.  Most people want to support their local businesses, and we totally understand this.

That is why we listed lots of different places for you to look in your area so that you can continue to support local businesses.  However, if you are really serious about your hydroponics system, then we think the best places for you to look for a good system will be online. The best providers of LED grow lights do not have stand alone stores, but rather ship to all over the country from their warehouses, and the majority of their marketing is done online.

Do a Google search, or take a look through some of our other articles here that list the companies we prefer for LED grow lights for hydroponics systems.

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