How to Apply Make Up

Making up guides are all over the web, and they can be of a lot of use to people looking for the best way to apply make-up.

There are some things you should know, however, before choosing which of these make up guides you want to use.

Here are some good tips on how to apply make-up that can be a good make up guide to you.

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Identify Your Skin Type

No two women’s skin are the same, but there are some good identifying factors you can find to help you get the best makeup guide for you specifically.

Let’s face it- what works for a black woman will not work for an Asian woman.

The best makeup guides for Latin women won’t do much for a white woman.

You need to identify your skin type and tone before you can select the right cosmetics and makeup tutorials for you.

Identify Your Desired Look

You can’t get the right making up guides for you until you decide on what look you are going for.

Try looking through some magazines or something else of that nature to find the look you would like to have for yourself.

Once you have done this, you can better decipher what cosmetics you need to purchase to make that makeup tutorial work for you.

Try to see what colors they used to get the look you like, and find some in the matching shades.

Purchase the Needed Supplies

No make up guide will get you to look hot without all the right products.  You will want the cosmetics you need as well as the best applicators.

Do NOT settle for the flimsy things that come with the cosmetics themselves.

They will do you no favors at all.  Invest in your beauty, and get a set of really nice, really sturdy, really wonderful applicator brushes and combs.

You will NOT be sorry.

There is a good reason most make up guides have a list of supplies along with all their instructions!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Making up guides are good and all, but you will still have to practice what is talked about in the make up guides in order to get the desired results.

Take some time to practice the movements you will need over and over.

Practice makes perfect, and that is true with makeup tutorials as well as everything else.

If you are having a hard time getting the look you want on your own, then seek out the help of someone you know who is good with make up, or even stop by a salon and get some professional advice from someone who does this kind of thing for a living.

You and your face will not be sorry in the end.

Repeat as Needed

No, this is not a shampoo instruction.  The truth is that styles change as well as your face.

Aging happens, and seasons move on, and new trends in cosmetics toll round with the year.

Repeat these steps any time you feel your look getting out dated and in need of a makeup tutorial.

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