How to Compress a File

As the only computer savvy person in my family, I often hear the question: how to compress a file ?

Here is a short tutorial that should help you compress your files/folders into ZIP (.zip) files.

If you’re running Windows XP

  • Launch Windows Explorer (make a right-click on the Start Menu, and select Explore)
  • Go to the folder where you need to make a ZIP file
  • Open the File menu, go to New, then click Compressed (zipped) Folder. Choose a name for the new folder, and press ENTER
  • Using Windows Explorer, drag and drop all the files you would like to place into the generated ZIP file

Using WinZip Compression Utility

WinZip is an application that makes ZIP (.zip) files. You can download WinZip for your home PC here:

  • Start up WinZip
  • Click “I agree”
  • Click the New button (upper left corner of the WinZip window). You will see a window titled New archive
  • Select the folder where you wish to store the archive, by using the folder navigation box in the upper portion of the New archive window
  • Name the archive, by typing a name into the File name textbox in the lower portion of the New archive window
  • Click the OK button. This should cause a new window to be displayed, called Add
  • In the Add window, select those files that you wish to place in the archive, by first using the folder navigation box, and then clicking on those files you wish to add. You can select more than one file by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard when you click on each file name
  • After you have selected all the files to include in the archive, click Add
  • Exit WinZip