How to Barspin BMX | Bunny Hop Barspin on a BMX Bike


A barspin is where you simply jump in the air very quickly (it can be done at fairly low speeds without the assistance of any kind of ledge, step, or ramp) and spin the handlebars around 360 degrees, that’s it. It’s a very simple, safe, and easy trick to learn. Great for beginners, and it’s one of those things you can just casually do as you’re riding along that looks really cool 😀 . It won’t take much time to learn this, and it doesn’t take that much time to teach, so I’m going to get straight to business with a few tips you need to know before starting then I’m going to show you a demo video so you know exactly what you should be doing and how (everything is explained slowly, step by step, and then demonstrated by a professional). Here we go.

  • Right before you jump shift your weight to the back, then when you hit the apex (highest point) in mid-air, shift your weight back to the front to maximize air-time.
  • If you can’t bunny hop, then you definitely need to learn how to do that first (if you need to, just use a ramp like you see in the video below, it makes it a lot easier).
  • You’ll be surprised at how little air-time you actually need to do the spin; very little is required (which is part of what makes it cool: you can just do it real quick while you’re riding along at a normal rate of speed).

Alright, pay attention, here’s the best tutorial I could find on this, really well done:

Additional Resources and Further Reading

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