How to Do a Salon Quality Blow Out

Every woman knows the most fabulous accessory to any style is an amazing blow out, so why not learn how to give yourself one at home? It’s easy once you learn the simple technique behind this style. Sexy, smooth, blown out hair is just a few steps away!

First things first, get out of your bathroom! If you’re used to blow drying right after a shower when the room is still steamy you’re already starting off at a disadvantage. The steam might be great for your skin but it will wreak havoc on the first stages of your blow out.

Next you need to focus on what product you use on your hair. No matter how naturally amazing your hair is, you’ll always need some kind of product. If your hair is naturally fine and a bit limp, use a volumizing spray or serum. If your hair is naturally thick and wavy, use a smoothing serum. A product that will protect your hair from heat is also a must. Even if you have the world’s best hair dryer it will damage your hair without the proper product!

The biggest mistake I see people make is trying to take on their whole head at once. The key to a great blow out is to take small sections. Is it tedious? Yes! Will it look gorgeous when you’re done? Yes! So get some clips or hair ties and section your hair off piece by piece. Start with the bottom half of your head and work your way up. Be sure you blow dry with your preferred part in mind.

You should always use the concentrator nozzle on your hair dryer for a great blow out. It helps focus the air flow on the exact section you’re working with. It can be a little cumbersome at first but once you get a feel for it you’ll wonder how you ever used your dryer without the concentrator!

When you’re finished with your style you’ll need one more round of product. Hairspray typically works best to keep the elements (heat, rain, wind) from ruining your hard work. If you’ve done the job right, you shouldn’t even need to plug in your professional hair straightener! Enjoy your beautiful new style!