How To Get Traffic To My Website

How To Get Traffic to Your Website Using Other People’s Blogs

By Oluwatoyin Omotoso

There are different techniques that has been put into use by people to drive traffic to their sites using weblogs known as blogs but in this article, I will show you how to steal other people’s traffic for free while you are also helping them by doing so.

The first thing you have to do is to make sure that the blogs you want to work on are of related topics to what you have on your website.

For instance, if your website is all about dating, it will be mad for you to make your comments on a blog that has to do with programming.

I am still starting..

The next thing you should be sure of is to make sure that the blogs you will be using are blogs that are getting lots of traffic themselves. To know this, you can use google’s tool bar which is a free download at their website for knowing page ranks.

So, how do you get across to related blogs? Simple. You can do so by using blog directories or you can do a search on google in the format “related topic+blog”

Here is a list of blog directories to get you started:




Once you are through with a list of blogs, you can now start pulling in the traffic.

All you have to do is to make sure that you are making useful comments on the posts in these blogs everyday.

And whenever you are doing so, you should add your name and your website URL at the end.

You should make your posts supporting or at times controversial depending on the kind of topic you are discussing at the moment.

You should also put expertise tip in your comments so that people who read your comments will know that you are an expert.

I hope this has helped tremendously.

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