How To Make A Scrapbook – Quick Tips and Techniques

By Vicki Churchill

If you are new to crafting and wanting to find out how to make a scrapbook then this article has been written especially for you.

Scrapbooking has become increasing popular in the last decade and is a way of recording and preserving keepsakes and pictures that can be enjoyed by generation after generation.

How to make a scrapbook – Equipment needed.

-The scrapbook – The most important part is the scrapbook itself. Try to find a book that is top loading as this will stop your pages from falling out when being stored upright. Scrapbooks come is a huge range of styles and themes.

-Paper and card stock – acid and lignin free cardstock, paper, vellum etc

-Adhesive – make sure that any adhesive used is photo safe. There are many different types of adhesive including double sided tape, sticky dots and spray glue.

-Cutting Materials – a craft knife is essential and a really sharp pair of scissors. You may decide to invest in a paper trimmer however you can use your craft knife and metal edge ruler to cut straight lines.

How to make a scrapbook – Embellishments

Embellishments are used to decorate scrapbook page layouts and come in many different forms including stickers, eyelets, brads, ribbon, buttons, wire, charms, stamps and rub ons. You can also purchase machines that will cut shapes so that you can create your own embellishments.

How to make a scrapbook – Preparation

To begin making your scrapbook you firstly need to decide on the theme. You can create scrapbook page layouts for all kinds of events such as weddings, birthdays, parties, pets and holidays.

How to make a scrapbook – Process

Begin by selecting the pictures you wish to place on your scrapbook page layout. Choose one picture to be the focal point of the page and use the colors in the picture to determine the color scheme of the whole page.

Decide what journaling you are going to add and mount the pictures on coordinating paper. Lay out your scrapbook page layout before fixing it together permanently. Once you are happy with the design fix the pictures to the page using your adhesive.

Once the wording and pictures are in place you can then decorate the page using brads, ribbon, paper, eyelets and rub ons.

One of the most important things to remember when creating scrapbook page layouts is not to over do them, remember they will need to be placed into a thin plastic sleeve so attaching bulky embellishments simply wont work and will look unsightly in your scrapbook.

And lastly and most importantly always use products that are acid and lignin free, using anything else will cause your pages to deteriorate over time.

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