How to Levitate Like Criss Angel – with Instructions BY Criss Angel


Alright, I’ve got an awesome video here by Criss Angel himself where he shows you precisely how he does his levitation trick on the streets, sidewalks, or just about anywhere else.

This is a very simple trick, you just need a special pair of pants exactly like what you see Criss using in the video below (which you can easily make yourself with some scissors and a needle and thread), and something to stand on–this can be a special box like what you see him demoing with here, OR, even better, you just use a natural structure like a step or small wall like the kind you find out on the street anywhere.

This way you can do this trick on-the-spot in a very improvised sort of fashion: one night when you’re out with some friends or whatever just tell them you can do the levitation trick they saw on Mindfreak, then walk over to something you can stand on and just do it! Awesome! Here’s the video:

The Balducci Method

There’s another method of going about doing this, although this one isn’t quite as spectacular, although it doesn’t require any type of special equipment, just a little sleigh of hand (foot?):

Additional Resources and Further Reading

If you want access to exclusive Criss Angel teaching materials (dvds, books, etc.) the only place I’ve found online that has certain things of his (Criss Angel actually has a DVD that is specifically about teaching you his various levitation techniques) is Ellusionist (click here to see their site): click on “Tricks and DVD’s”, scroll down on the left hand side to where it says “Criss Angel”, click that, and that page you get to should have his levitation DVD (note: it’s currently priced at $99, which seems a bit expensive to me, see below for MUCH cheaper options, including a book by Criss revealing how he does his various tricks).

The best overall magic book, in my opinion, is Magic: The Complete Course (Book & DVD) which can be had for about 13 bucks. Criss has also put out his own book on how to do some of his tricks called: Mindfreak: Secret Revelations. is an awesome and totally free site that’s been around forever and has tons and tons of tricks on it that you can perform on your own, highly recommended.

If you want a good community to talk to and learn from, The Magic Cafe Forums is one of the biggest magic forums on the internet.



  1. It’s weeeeeird cuzz i’vee zeeen liike 119,000,456,783,12 videos about levitating and every single time i tryyyy i’m like KAKA WHY WONT THIS THING WORK!? i do all the steps but do u like need to think of something in ur head like… “levitate levitate fly up in the air and be like wish wosh wish wosh????” XD O_O 😥 👿 👿 😈 AHHHHHH

  2. i seen this on youtube; my friend showed me in 2nd hour today. i thought it was just crrrazy. ;D the second video.. with the foot lift. psh. criss is hot.