How to Make Pizza Dough from Scratch at Home


Making your own pizza dough is no where near as hard as many people think it is (there’s no tossing involved either–that’s all for show and actually screws up the dough), plus it only requires the very simplest of ingredients and equipment (flour, water, salt, yeast, and an oven: that’s it).

Not including cooking time, you can make your own pizza dough in about 10 minutes or so once you’ve got everything assembled, and then turning that into a pizza only takes a couple additional hours of cooking time, no big deal really. Ok, I’m going to stop talking now and, although I’ve done this before and think I’m relatively good at it (this guy is just much better at explaining things than I am), hand it off to someone who knows more about this than I do:

Additional Resources and Further Reading

If you really want to do this properly the first thing I recommend you invest in is a good quality pizza stone like this Old Stone Oven pizza stone, which is my personal favorite. Also, the book that really taught me how to make pizza like the pros and that I recommend to everyone else is The Art of Pizza Making: Trade Secrets and Recipes by Dominick A. DeAngelis which has some wonderful new pizza recipes such as bruschetta, Cuban, Greek, marmalade, Oktoberfest, quattro formaggi, ranch, Reuben, sheppard’s pie, and sunnyside pancetta pizza. has got some AWESOME homemade pizza recipes you really should check out.

Another excellent explanation is PizzaWare’s article on how to make pizza dough, and also has some excellent information.