How to Whistle with Your Fingers (VERY loudly, aka “wolf whistle”)


I’m going to show you how to whistle so loudly at scantily clad women that you will actually BLOW THEIR CLOTHES OFF. Of course, they’ll be deaf and they won’t want to have sex with you then but…hey, maybe any other chicks who happen to see it will be so impressed that they’ll want to boink you then.

Ok, now seriously, we’re going to learn how to whistle REALLY

loudly today, first starting out with the classic two-handed “wolf whistle”, then moving onto the more difficult but simpler one-handed whistle, and then finally the pros-only super-loud hands-free whistle. I’ve got a really good video here that will show you how to do all 3, but first a few tips:
  • You don’t have to use a single specific finger combination, try different ones and use what works best for you. You can do: right and left index and middle fingers as seen in the video, right and left index fingers, right and left middle fingers, or right and left pinkie fingers.
  • Your fingernails should be tilted in towards the middle of your tongue, instead of pointed straight in and toward the rear of your mouth as many people are apt to do initially.
  • Your fingers should be pulling your lower lip somewhat taut.
  • Your tongue has to be pulled back so that the front tip of it nearly touches the bottom of your mouth just a tiny bit behind your lower gums (approximately 1/2 inch or 1 cm). This will help you flatten and broaden the front edge of your tongue which will allow it to cover more of the lower back teeth.

The noise itself is made by the air that’s flowing over the bevel (a sharply angled edge) created by the tongue and upper teeth directing air over the lower lip and teeth. Now, have a look at this and see if you can replicate it (a mirror helps):

Additional Resources and Further Reading

If this sort of thing really gets you excited then you have GOT to see this book: MouthSounds: How to whistle, Pop, Boing and honk for all occasions… and then some.: MouthSounds is the book for people who would give anything to imitate a Toilet Plunger. Or a car smash and crash (with debris and rolling hubcap). Sound like Gollum while reading Lord of the Rings to your nephew. Have meaningful dialogue with your dog. Whatever floats your boat, right? 😀

There’s an awesome page here with a LOT of detailed information on how to whistle that I used as a source if you want a bunch more detail.