Top 3 Destinations on Every Adventure Freak’s List

There is perhaps no more epic combination than mixing action sports with travel to exotic locations across the globe.

These trips are the best of both worlds, as they let travelers to explore beautiful places through adventurous sports like skiing and mountain biking.

Whether you’re a skier, snowboarder, mountain biker, or if you just love to get outside, the destinations on this list are amazing.

Travel-hungry skiers will love exploring the deep powder and rich culture of Myoko Japan. They will also enjoy the backcountry peaks of Whitecap, British Columbia, Canada. While mountain bikers will fall in love with the beauty of Las Trancas, Chile.

I am sure this will inspire you to plan your next next adventure travel trip in advance.

  1. Hakuba Japan

Hakuba, Japan is the ultimate destination for any powder chasing skier or snowboarder. It is famous for its insane snowfall that comes in deep and light.

The powder is the reason, professional skiers and snowboarders flock to the area every winter to film and ride. While it snows a lot in many different locations across the globe, Japan’s delicious food and interesting cultural histories make it an ideal vacation for travellers.

Hakuba is located on Japan’s main island, Honshu – accessible from Tokyo via bullet train. You will find more than a dozen ski and snowboard resorts and endless backcountry options here.

Across these different resorts, there is great skiing and snowboarding for everyone, from beginners to experts.

While Japan has more ski areas than any other country in the world, Hakuba has the best balance between great skiing, and great opportunities to Japanese culture, and food.

  1. Whitecap BC

Picture being whisked high up into the peaks of the Canada’s Coast Mountains via helicopter to spend your days skiing or snowboarding out of a beautiful log cabin. That is exactly what you get at Whitecap, BC.

Whitecap has a staff of guides and cooks at the lodge that allow visitors to focus on one thing, skiing and snowboarding.

This trip is definitely for the more adventurous folks out there – once you are flown up to the lodge, you must hike up to the top of the ski runs, which are wild and untamed backcountry runs.

This means you will be hiking all day to earn your turns. Those willing to put in the work, however, are rewarded with some of the best terrain and snow in the world, with huge peaks, and technical lines aplenty.

Pack your avalanche safety gear, grab your best powder skis and snowboards, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

  1. Las Trancas, Chile

With the tallest mountains in the Southern Hemisphere, the Andes Mountains are host to a burgeoning mountain bike scene.

When you factor in the amazing scenery and sunsets together with delicious food, fine local wine, welcoming culture, and top notch terrain, we are certain, you’ll fall in love with Las Trancas, Chile.

Hardcore skiers and snowboarders know Chile well for its great riding during the northern hemisphere’s summer.

The mountain biking scene, however, is less known. The mountain bike park in the area is home to prestigious international competitions, and the surrounding trails offer great opportunities for adventure and plenty of riding, poth pedal accessed and shuttling via trucks.

A trip to Las Trancas will have you riding deep into the Andes Mountains on your bike, exploring some of Chile’s best and most beautiful mountain bike trails.

Bring your mountain bike, your appetite (for both adventure and delicious Chilean food), and prepare for an all-time adventure.

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